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Are images from Echocardiograms saved/archived in general?

Hi folks,

I have changed my health care provider, and been referred to Stanford (partly at my own behest).  Working on gathering up a bit of documentation for them.  Last year I requested a CD of all imaging tests related to my heart, and having had 3 echocardiograms, I expected that I might see something on the CD from those tests.  Instead, there were none.

I recall at one point being told by someone in Kaiser that they had either lost, or not saved the images.

Is that routine that images taken by an echocardiogram are not saved anywhere?  I ask because the person I spoke with (nurse) in the cardiology clinic at Stanford asked for image sets from my last echo.

I have the appointment at Stanford coming up in early October with a top-notch cardiologist.

Thanks for your time,

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Our hospital saves the report only. They sometimes make a small printout if necessary.
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Addendum: I realize now that the images from an echo can be very large in terms of file size.  Do they save the images & reports, or only the reports?
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Thanks for the info.

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