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Atrial Fib

I am 56 and was dx'd with AF one year ago. It was considered to be due to stress because we were moving into 2 new homes at the same time (retired-FL snowbirds) I've been on topral xl since then and am wondering when I can come off? Should my cardiologist do more testing, won't it go away if the stress is gone which it is? I would like to get back to the excellent fitness condition that I was in before all this started, but I think the meds make me depressed so I don't work out as much.I ran 5-6 miles a day for 35 years, but now I bike due to bad knees from running. I still feel tired and depressed and have to force myself out of bed in the morning and sometimes I stay in bed all day. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Have you just had the one episode of A-Fib?  How long did i last? I took cardizem for about 10 months following my lone a-fib episode...I would check with an EP...I wouldn't even waste your time with a regular cardiologist.

good luck.
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Hi Bev,

I to have atrial fib and depression along with CHF.  I have just learned that low CoQ10 levels in the blood are related to depression and CHF.  I had taken a beta-blocker Lopressor (Metoprolol) but stopped after talking to my Doc about depression.  I still had bouts of depression, but did not take it again until recently when my new cardiologist recommended it.  My depression was much better so I gave it a shot.  In the meantime I started using Ubiquinol after learning that i sould help with cardiac health.  Well I ran out of Ubiquinol and stopped using it.  The depression returned along with fatigue.  

It turns out that Beta-blockers along with Statins (which I don't take) will reduce serum CoQ10 and Ubiquinol will increase it.  So my bout of depression is likely due to low serum CoQ10.  I have stopped using the beta-blocker against my doc's wishes and have resumed taking ubiquinol and though I am still not back to where I was before satring the beta-blocker and quitting the Ubiquinol, I have definitely turned the corner.  

Ubiquinol is a relatively new form of CoQ10 that has been shown to be much more effective than the stanadard form of CoQ10.  I get mine from Swanson Health products online.

Hope this helps
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