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Attn All Women..cycle/hormones/PCOS & PVC's

I've read a few of your posts, and many have related their PVC's to horomones, cycle timing, and even PCOS (for those of you who have this, you know what it is..) I'm curious to know if you've had any doctors ADMIT to this connection, or tell you how to combat it. Our docs (here in Canada) are very overworked, and it seems alot of the time, they brush things off to stress/anxiety, which I'm sure may be partially or COMPLETELY responsible for many cases... However, that doesn't help me feel better, right? I want to know how to feel better. I can have NO anxiety or stress going on in my life, yet, the 2nd week of my cycle (leading to ovulation), I get wicked PVC's if I'm at all tired, if I drink, if I lay on my left side, or sometimes after I eat. This seems so obviously related to horomones...but doctors just don't do anything about it. Does anyone have answers??  Specifically those of you who suffer from PCOS, or infertility, b/c it appears these are all very closely linked issues...
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Ovulation is my biggest trigger.  If I drop my weight just a little, I go anovulatory for a few months, and the palpitations ease up.  My period is the second biggest culprit, but not anywhere near as bad as mid-cycle.  I even get bouts of SVT at ovulation, and I keep a calendar by temperature so I know which days to avoid sugar and exercise (which can trip them into high gear if I am already hormonal).

And yes, both my GP and my cardiologist said that hormones can definitely play a role in the frequency of PACs and PVCs.  I've been told they're no more dangerous because of the hormones, just more bothersome.  My GP was also brave enough to admit (lol) that I'm probably a bit more bothered by them on top of it because of changes in mood.  I agree with him ;)
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I definitely think they are connected.  I live in the UK and everytime i go to the hosp or doctors complaining for my pvc's palpitations they always ask me whether i get painful or heavy menstruation so it must be connected.  I do but they never do follow up tests on that.
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My doctor (a female) has said she knows they're connected to menstrual cycles.  I have noticed this is very true in myself - around ovulation or PMS, they get much worse.  During my pregnancy, they nearly went away but came back after I delivered and my hormones started getting back to normal.  I have heard using low-dose BCP can help to even out hormones but don't want to try it for fear it will mess things up even more.
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wow, me too! i notice that particularly in times of ovulation, i get many more pac's. also, throughout the past several years, i've gone off birth control pills twice. the first time was 3 years ago, and that was when the pac's first appeared.  after several months they disappated.
then, about 5 months ago, i went off again, and BAM! the ectopic beats were back and worse than ever. and again, they calmed down after about 2 months. i wish there were more studies about hormone relation and these arrhymias.....but it certainly looks like we're onto something here.
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Hi fearfactor.  I wanted to try bc pills too b/c I'm sure mine are hormonally related since mine started after childbirth and they are so much worse during my period.  My cardiologist said it is definitely hormonal, but bc pills probably won't help.  Of course, coming from a man, how would he know what would help.  I think I might take the plunge anyway.  It would be worth it to find my "cure"!
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I definitely notice a connection!  When I get PVC's, it's usually around the beginning of my period.  Occasionally I'll have the random episode at another time in my cycle, but they mostly occur around the beginning.  And it varies from month to month--some months it won't happen, and others I'll have a bunch of episodes (they generally last only a minute or so--not nearly like what some of you get, but I do notice it) over a day or two.  BTW, if you have been checked out and told you have a normal heart, try not to let these misfires bother you--it will only make you feel worse.
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Has anyone tried birth control pills to try and curb this hormonal connection?  I am ready to try it.  I just got my period and they are off to the races.  It is definitely my hormones.  I really want to give it a try.  My docs say they are caused by adrenaline, but I can have a HUGE  adrenaline rush (my kids getting hurt, arguing, etc.) and not a single blip.  It's hormones!!!
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Well isn't this interesting??

I will add that these PVC sxs are very much accentuated when I'm on Clomid (its a fertility drug used to treat many issues...such as PCOS). I was on it for 3 months back in the summer, and the 2nd week of my cycle was HORRIBLE. Then, I would ovulate, and voila! I'd be fine again! No palpatations til the next month at the same time!

I'm back on this stoopid drug again, which I'm not happy about...but I told my doc I'd give it one chance, then we'd have to try something else. We'll see.... I'm coming up on that dreaded week as we speak! Next week at this time, i should be ovulating.

I wish I could try the BCP option, however, I'm TRYING to get pregnant, so that won't work for me! Its funny you mention the BCP though, because I was on it since I was 14 until 2.5 years ago.....and guess when I got my 1st PVC??? One month later....
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I am SO glad I found this website. I was online researching PVC's and the correlation to menstruation/ovulation and I happened upon this. I have had PVC's for years and I never made the connection to females hormones until I started perimenopause. I had an echocardiagram,EKG,blood tests and wore a Holter monitor and everything came back normal. However I continue to be disturbed by these awful skipped beats and palpitations. I have narrowed it down to ovulation, although I can get some right before my perriod too. They are scary and annoying, and anxiety-provoking, but I'm glad I'm not the only out there experiencing them.
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hum, i have not had mother nature since i was 23 and i still have the pac so i cant say mine has to do with that , they just come and go as they want to. no female stuff here took out at 23 so guess other things also cause them,
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I've suffered with PVCs right before the mensrual cycle begins for about a year now.  A cardiologist confirmed the connection and suggested I try taking a magnesium pill every day (over the counter at any pharmacy or health food store).  It has helped GREATLY.  I took two a day the first week, then once a day thereafter.  I highly recommend it!
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Well, Well, Well, FINALLY some people who can relate to what I have been dealing with for a few years & who don't look at you like you are weird.
I get rapid heart rate while I am sleeping, sleeping on my right side almost always sets it off, & sometimes after bending over after eating, or going on an empty stomach. Bottom line here is I too, have had ALL the heart tests done (all normaI) & I do have a Mitral Valve Prolapse (but on a scale of 1-10 I am a 1 so it is nothing) I have been diagnosed with GERD & Sleep Apnea & have experienced life long bouts with anxiety/panic disorder. I have the CPAP machine but can't get used to it so I don't use it.But..the deal with all these conditions is I am 95% NEVER bothered by them until the day/week of my period. The other weird thing is that I can go months a free from them all, but when I do get bothered by them...guess what time it is? I am 47 yrs old,great health,don't smoke,don't do drugs & even quit social drinking because the day after feels like I drank like a fish, & I didn't. I agree it is hormones ALL the way. But...WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THEM?
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I have been suffering with PVC's for about a year and could not relate it to anything other then stress, I had the echo, the holter monitor, the event monitor for 30 days, blood work, saw a EP specialist, saw a thoracic surgeon....everything it wasn't unitl I spoke with my mom and asked when did she start perimenepause and she said around my age which is 45..I haven't had any blood work to confirm it's hormonal but I'll bet my life it is! and the pvc's are soooo much worse when I get my period, but I still have them everyday just not as intense as with my period. Good to know that others are going through it too!
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finetilthree, I have tried BCP with very little help,  They barely touched my palpitations.  I have tried everything out there to include homeopathic hormone balance stuff.  I went on Metoperol and it did nothing, was on it 6 months.  Then we tried inderal and it did nothing.  Finally i went on a third beta blocker (atenolol) and it has helped and 75% of the palps are gone.  I tried SSRI's for anxiety but I could not have sex not matter which i was on until i got but on wellbutrin.  I am a lot better but not cured.
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Yes, I can definitely relate.  I always get pac's around the time my menstrual cycle is due to start, I exercise every regularly and notice that around my time of the month it is harder to exercise because I am more S.O.B.  Thank GOD I've found others with this problem!!!!!
Wow, I suffer from the exact same thing, Pacsc they come and go some times betyer that others , i went for years having 3 or 4 a year this last year i have had more than ever . It all began during a very stressful time. Later subsided and now only get bouts of about 20 per day close to my period. Some days none. I eat healthy exercise regularly (weight lifting and cardio) and while exercising i get them in recovering. I have noticed too that i usually have to burp when i get one. Weird.  I have had all kind of cardio work done. Everything normal except a minor MVP. Thanks for sharing. Has anyone had more PACs in high altitude?? we r going skiing soon nd im a little worried about the altitude.
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I have PCOS and have very frequent pvcs, in the thousands, throughout the day. I have never taken any sort of medication in my life aside from antibiotics. I am even scared to take medication for the PCOS because I fear they may make the pvcs worse. I have been told there is no correlation between the PCOS and the pvcs.
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I developed PVCs after having my tubes tied 10 months ago. About 4 months after I found out about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (a severe hormone imbalance due to tubal ligation). By that time I had already developed 36 of the 40+symptoms of PTLS. PVCs/palpitations were one of my worse symptoms. To the point of going to the ER  several days in a row because they were pretty much constant. I was referred to a cardiologist had EKG, ECG, and holter monitor, chest x-ray and blood work and all were normal only thing they could find was dehydration. After joining a support group on Facebook, I learned that the only way to cure PTLS was by tubal reversal or bilateral salpingectomy (tubal removal). Being that our family was complete, I decided to go with the removal option. I'm 2 weeks post op and PVCs are minimal to none now. I have learned that the slightest dehydration and high sodium, caffeine, and sugar content and also low blood sugar from skipping meals makes them SIGNIFICANTLY worse!
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I'm a nearly 50 year old  and have Mitral valve prolapse and general anxiety disorder. I have been taking Metetoporol and Clonazepam for 20 years. I have had a partial hysterectomy still have ovaries.Well I have been having What the heart monitor at the ER said was PVCs. I always called them skipped beats or fluttering. I have never had them this bad. They seem like they are coming every other beat alot of the time. I went to my regular Dr a few days ago and he referred me to cardiology. They are going to do and Echocardiogram and put an event monitor on next week. Even though I've had a hysterectomy I still get breast tenderness like when I would be fixing to have my period within a week or so every now and then. Well I have that tenderness now and the PVCs  started really bad about the same time. I've had these all my life and they would be bad at times but now I am going absolutely crazy with worry.
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I feel like I personally wrote this article. I too am in Canada. I have PVCs, they are the WORSE during "That time of the month."

I have had a full workup and given the OK, related to stress, anxiety etc. I will say that after I quit ALL caffeine my PVCs are next to never. Though  - Again.. when it's that time of the month, they are endless :(

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I too have PVC’s like crazy from the day of ovulation until my period is over. I have seen w edu doctor imaginable. I know it’s a hormonal imbalance but nobody will help me. I to live in Canada and the doctors here just don’t seem to look any further than they have to. They aren’t open to new studies and they chalk everything up to anxiety depression and stres. I just want those to stop. That are consuming my days and it’s been 11 years of hell for me
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