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I had bypass surgery after stents failed.  This was 13 weeks ago. My recovery seemed to go well however in the last few days I have suffered chest pains after using a tree pruning saw and branch loppers.  The pain is not lessened by taking nitro for angina and it feels as if it is muscular.  Should I still be having sharp pains like these so long after the operation.

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Put away the pruning saw and loppers.  You ain't nowhere close to ready for that kind of strain.  Give it another 6 months and then try it again.  Hope you didn't do any serious damage.
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You may have broken your sternal wires and destabilized your chest. The only way you can have this evaluated is to have a 3D CT scan, and have it looked at by a reconstructive surgeon. You may need to have your wires removed and have placed a talon. Go to rapidsternalclosure.com and you can see an animation of this device. I hope this is not the case, but I can assure you that the repair is safe, and predictable in the hands of a skilled surgeon familiar with the device. Dr. James Spann of Tulsa Dr. Scott Levin of Duke In North Carolina and myself are experinenced with the device and can help you, or give you a referral to someone else. I hope this helps you out, respectfully,

                       arch s miller ms md facs
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I had by-pass surgery 15 mo. ago. I am diabetic,overweight, and a fool who started smoking again 11 mo. ago. In 2005 I had a compound fracture of my femur. A nail was installed, but the femur still hasn't completely healed. I had sternal movement almost immediately, but by X-ray the wires appear intact. Pain was nominal. Recently the movement has progressed as well as the attendant pain. It feels as if the pain and movement are below the sternum in what feels like semi soft tissue. I feel it with most every breath and especially when I move the upper body.
During by-pass surgery there was difficulty intebating me, and I developed pneumonia immediately post surgery. I am fairly afraid to undergo further surgery for this reason. Surgery was done at St. Joseph in Atlanta, where I was satisfied. What do you think, given this brief outline? I am a 57 yo white male with a history of heart disease myself and in my father.
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Sorry for the disjointed comment about the femur. Obviously this has nothing to do with the sternum. I only mentioned it to establish a history of a reluctance of my bones to heal properly. Thank you.
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