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Mid fifties with no evidence of heart disease.  I'm in great shape but father died of heart problems in 70's and grandfathers in their forties and fifties.  I WAS on a Statin - Provochol - and Total Cholesterol was about 175, with LDL of 100, HDL of 57 and Triglycerides of about 73.  

I went off the Statin and now, two months later, Totoal Cholesterol is up to about 196, LDL at 123, Triglycerides at 84 and HDL at 56.  

I was hoping lifestyle changes would be enough but apparently not.  The question is are these results significant enough to go back on the Statin to prevent Heart Disease?
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I don't know if anyone is telling you any different, but if you lived in the UK or Europe, your levels would be classed as 'excellent'.
We aim to have LDL lower than 4.0mmol/L yours is 3.2
We aim to have trigs lower than 1.2mmol/L yours is 0.9
We aim to have HDL greater than 1mmol/L yours is 1.4

My opinion, stay clear of statins, you don't need them. I'm on statins with levels similar to yours now and my disease is not progressing any more. It is the general opinion of Doctors in the UK that if cholesterol is lowered much more than this, then other parts of the body start to suffer, such as memory loss.
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Your numbers look fine, I would only be concerned as you are at the upper limits of normal with a strong family history of CAD. For that reason alone, some doctors will recommend statin therapy.

Hope this helps,

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