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I have PVC's everyday, all day! Please help!

I was diagnosed with pvc's about 2 years ago after finding myself in the emergency room several times for feeling these hard palpitations that are very bothersome to me. I since then have been seeing a cardiologist, and he just told me that I had anxiety, and am probably under alot of stress, and just an anxious person. I get various symptoms at no particular timing, such as my face, and hands getting hot for no apparent reason, pressure on top of my chest so bad at times to where I can barely breathe, etc. But the most bothersome is just the pvc's. I have worn the 24 hr halter, and it came back 489 bigemeny's and I think 89 trigemenys, with 2 supra ventra. What is supra ventra anyway? My cardiologist said this was way too many as I am only 24, and he referred me to an electro-physiologist. The electro physiologist refused to do an electro test on me, because he insisted that I was just an anxious person, and suggested I take a beta-blocker called coreg. I bought the prescription, but I am afraid to take it, because it says it slows your heart rate, and also can lower your blood pressure. I feel weak, and tired already from the excessive pvc's already, and I don't want to feel worse! I have tried hydroxyzine/xanax, which seem to sort of help a bit. But, maybe it just helps me to just not think of them as much. It always seems to get worse at night time, and they happen to me everyday all day. I can't remember the last time I had a NORMAL day. I don't freak out like I used to about them, but... just sometimes it still gets to me. I have 2 little boys to raise, and a loving husband that I wish I could feel up to spirits to do more with, but these things seem to run my life. They say it's because of anxiety, but sometimes I feel that my anxiety is caused by the pvc's. I don't know what to think. I had a stress test and eco but they were all normal, and I had excessive runs with the pvc's at the time of them as well. After I ran on the treadmill, they went away for about an hour, but showed back up after. I can wake up and have them, and they even wake me up in my sleep. Sometimes I feel like 4 or 5 of them while I am sleeping, and it's like I know I need to wake myself up and breathe, because I feel like I am dying. I try to scream, and move but I can't! Finally... after a couple of attempts I will jump up in bed and gasp for breath. Those are the episodes that really scare me. If anyone could please just help me out, and if you guys have had similar events, please comment back... it helps to put my mind at ease. Or even doctors...help please. I just want my life back.
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i know where your coming from , ive been having the pac for 10 weeks they are a lot better now am taking 25mg of atenolol and they have been so much better , now am in the stress mode after all ive been through, my mom had cancer surgery and 13 days in hospital and than 10 weeks of pac has a bout done me under am taking ataivan to get through my days hoping it goes away soon, so hang in there , take the meds it will make you feel better after awhile, when you first start you might have weakness,tiredness, slow heart rate and bp but has you take it it gets beetr i know went through it myself . so hang in there and try relax.
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Thanks so much. I just heard that the beta blockers can be more problems than what they are worth. It sometimes just helps to have someone who has been there, and knows how u feel, when everyone else thinks you are making it all up. Thanks.
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It's a vicious cycle - stress causing PVC's and the PVC's causing you stress. On it goes. The PVC's are not likely to go away completely but if there's any way you can reduce your worries about them, you will feel better. I also have PVC's/PAC's and tachy (fast heart rate that just pops in from time to time). But my life goes on and on. I've raised 3 kids, travel, have a demanding job and like to stay busy. Yes, I can feel my "heart hiccups" all day long but after all these years I know they won't kill me (just like the doctors tell us). Keep talking to yourself, reminding yourself that although the PVC's are annoying, you'll be just fine. Don't give in.
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I don't know why the doctor told you that there were too many PVC for your age. I think that is alot of bunk. There are peolple that get WAY more than that. I find that my ectopics tend to cycle and I have had times where every other beat was premature for hours. My cardiologist did not worry about it. I have a structurally normal heart and would be fine. Also he knew that it would get better and always did.  I do agree that the PVC are probably causing your anxiety. Then your anxiety is probably making the PVCs worse. It can be a vicious cycle.

It is most important to know and believe that these things will not kill you. Then you might find that they settle down just a little. You need to practice postive self talk. For example, instead of "Oh My God! I've got to wake up and breath" try "Oh there's another one of those PVC. How annoying. I'm going back to sleep." When they come at night and interrupt my sleep, I try to stay calm, do soothing self talk and turn on soft easy listening music and concentrate on that instead of my hiccuping heart. It doesn't always work but it does ALOT of times.

Supra vent just means supraventricular tachycardia. It just means that you are having a couple of rapid or fast heart beats in a row which originate in the atria (upper chamber) or the AV node. I think just about everyone has a little once in a while. It is definately NO BIG DEAL. Honestly  the PVCs aren't either. They just feel like a bid deal.

I hope that things get better for you real soon.  
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Aww! When I read yours too, I started to cry. I used to be a stay at home Mom, and however have noticed that they are not as bad now that I am working. I feel like if I was more active instead of sitting at my desk all day, (I am an administrative assistant) it could probably improve more. Maybe I should take a walk b4 or after lunch, and possibly when I get home. That might help. Thanks, and you hang in there too sweety.
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Here are some suggestions that have helped me:
I eat healthy, very low in fat, no white only brown(breads,pasta,ect..)
keep the blood sugar in check by snacking on fruit
sleep at least 8 hrs
excercise daily
take a daily vitamin
calm down when they occur( difficult I know, I had a scary beat early)
I hope this helps you,
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You sound EXACTLY like me!  I'm 39 now but I have had then since I'm 17!!  Goodness is I'm still living -- bad news is I still have them.  I have the same issue with anxiety and panic BECAUSE of them not vice versa.  If not for these things, I would be fine!!
I really think you should see an EP -- go to a different one to put your mind at ease.  You deserve that much. I too am considering taking a Beta Blocker but I'm scared.  I actually have Inderal in my cabinet as we speak  but I'm hesitant to take it.  
Anyone else take Inderal??
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As, I read your post I started to cry. This sounds like my situation. Hang in there, everyday that goes by you will start to get better. This time last year for me was horrible, but today I can handle these irregular beats in a much more calmer way. Just yesterday I had pac's that lasted all day, they mad me feel pressure in my chest and shortness of breath. Like everyone else I have had all the testing that says these are harmless. I too am a stay at mom to two little ones, and that is why this is so frustrating. I want to be healthy for them and at   times these beats make me feel awful. If this makes you feel better, my doctor has these as well. He has a pvc every tenth beat, but no symptoms. We just happen to be symptomatic. If you can start an exercise program, this has really improved every part of my life and makes me feel better all day. I hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks 4 all your help, and reassurance. I have been dealing with them for 2 years now, and used to freak myself out and have panic attacks because of them. Now, I do try and relax myself, and it seems to help. I think I have come a long way, and I sometimes still get frustrated at times. My mother and Grandma have the same problems, and heart disease runs in our family, and I am just praying that this does not pass on to my children or theirs. It IS a very vicious cycle, almost like a disease! Thanks again for all your help, and  still does anyone have any recommendations for relieving these. Walking seems to help, and the music. I also notice after I eat, I get them pretty bad. I wonder why. I still feel questionable. It's gotta be something else triggering these things. I don't smoke... rarely EVER drink, don't do sodas, and have cut back on my sweets and carbs... still.... no luck.
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That same thing has happened to me - with the having PACs or PVCs in your sleep and waking up screaming (except I was able to scream!).  I have no idea why this happens, possibly night terrors of some kind.  I hate when I get PACs/PVCs that wake me up, it's so scary because it takes you off guard.  
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No, I have never heard of indernal, but the dr. did tell me that if i didn't take anything to control them, that my heart could weaken later on in life, causing more problems. Is that true?
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i took inderal for a long time it did help me out, it will make you tired as you start it but nothing to bad , try it you might like it , no i do not belive your heart weakens my cardio dr says no, they are harmless and do not damage your heart in any way
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I know, it kind of feels like you're floating out of your body. Anyone else get that feeling?
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B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12
For everyone dealing with PVC's I think I may have the answer. I am 31 5'7 and 120 lbs. I started having PVCs on and off until they remained daily 24/7. They way that I think about it is my heart is like a gear and one of the teeth broke off so now the gear skips every now and then. Some days would be worse than others, anxiety made them worse etc etc. I've had 2 C sections (being on an IV) and drink filtered water, both wash away all the body's natural minerals and I attribute that to my PVCs. I went to the doctor and had ECG, ultrasound, and physical. Nothing is physically wrong with my heart ecept that I have these darn PVCs. I decided to turn myself to a guinea pig and start by taking magnesium, that didnt really help much but it did make period cramps disappear so I learned that. I stopped the mag and started taking Full Spectrum Mineral Caps, google it! I get mine from vitacost online, take it at night before bed. Those things are LIFESAVING, I actually sleep at night. I also started taking one fish oil tab with one Co Q 10 capsule, take them together with a meal in the AM. I have lots of energy now, it is crazy!! What really tilted the table with these PVCs was the sublingual B12. The palps are so soft I barely feel them anymore, some days there are none at all. Take the B12 in the AM, I only take one 500 mg but you can take two if needed. These will not yield instant results, it will take 2-4 weeks just be patient. One other think that may be noteworthy, I threw out my teflon pans. I know it may sound crazy but there is correlation from nonstick pans to heart palpitations. Ever since I threw those out things have gotten much MUCH better. Maybe that part of it is all in my head but I feel so much better knowing I am not cooking food in all those nasty chemicals.
How are you now? I have something similar happening to me now :(
Wow, quite amazing, I will be getting some ASAP!
Ok so this was almost 2 years ago and since then I have learned A LOT! The B12 was a little helpful but only in the beginning. I started out by having PVCs all the time and as I started the regiment I am about to talk about they have plateaued and come only a few days a month now. My PVCs are stress related and hormonal. I started taking Yogi women's moon tea (it has chaste berry) for 3 weeks out of the month every day (do not take during your cycle). Since I have started that tea (for nearly a year now) I have had only PVCs just before my cycle starts and they are very soft. Barely there anymore. I also started taking CBD oil for anxiety and let me start by saying that stuff is really great for stress and a number of other issues. I still take the COQ10 and fish oil along with the broad spectrum mineral pill at night. Living is not hard now and these PVCs no longer rule my life.
Also getting rid of the teflon was a very good idea, that is NASTY stuff that will cause hormonal imbalance. Another thing about the yogi moon tea is that you have to take it over time because it changes the output of hormones from the pineal gland. Give it time, it will work if you are having hormonal imbalance.
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Hi, I am kind of going through the same you are.  I was just diagnosed with PVC’s and had a monitor implant in my chest so I can record the pvc’s.  For me I can’t stand it it is all I think about and I believe that is  what causes my anxiety.  The anticipation of the next one. I don’t know what to do because when they get bad I feel it will be the last. I take two beta blockers and have for awhile, but it doesn’t seem to matter I have the pvc’s anyway. As far as my cardiologist and the specialist who stimulated my heart tells me that I have nothing wrong with my heart.  And I have had every test you can do to a heart done to my heart.  From here there are no answers which bothers me more, but I will let you know you are not alone.
If you are a woman you might have hormonal imbalance. My doctor wanted to put me on beta blocker too but I would not allow it. It can do more harm than good and if it is not working then I would not bother with it anyway. Start tracking your cycle and know what days are worse than others with the PVCs. On my calendar I would write between a 1 and a 5. 1 for better days 5 for worse etc. If you have hormonal imbalance you will start to see a pattern. For me my PVCs are worse just before the start of my period. I take a tea now to help smooth out the imbalance between progesterone and estrogen. It is called Yogi womens moon tea, it has chaste berry which changes the hormonal output of the pituitary gland. It has worked wonders!
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hi, i know it was a while ago you had these problems but just wondering if you ever had a diagnosis of your pvcs/heart condition ect?
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