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Lip Peircing With Heart Problems

Im 14 Years Old And I Desperately Want My Lip Peirced (Snake Bites) I Have Sub-Aortic Stenosis And Aortic Regurgitation. And I Heard That Anyone With Heart Problems Shouldnt Get Any Piercings Or Tattoos. I Have To Take Anti-Biotics Before Any Dental Work. I Was Wondering If It Is True That I Shouldnt Be Getting This Done. Many People Dont Recomend It But If There Is No Proof That It Will Cause Any Heart Infection I Could Get It Done.
Please Comment Back With Some Help.
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Hi there.  I know the piercings are very popular and some of them are cool-looking, but there is the matter of your health.  Right now you want the snake bites, but how about in ten years?  I would hate to think ten years down the road that you injured your heart for something that's no longer important to you.  Anyone, even people without known regurgitation issues can be susceptible to infections - serious ones - from body piercing.  Piercings in or near the mouth can be especially risky.  Remember too that piercing holes never completely disappear, and when you eventually remove them, you will always have holes.  You may not think this matters now, much like I didn't care about marks and scars when I was younger...but now that I'm in my late 20s it bothers me a great deal.  If it were my daughter, I'd make her wait until she was 18, and I'd provide her with as much information as I could in the mean time so she could make an educated decision.  I hope you'll think it through.
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Thanks For The Information. And Thats What My Mum Was Saying, About The Holes Always Being There.
We Went To See The Doctor And He Doesnt Recommend It Although He Said Its Up To Me. I Was Reading That Someone With My Condition Could Actually Die From Lip Pierced, Although I Dont THink That Would Happen As I Will Be On Anti-Biotics. I Think Its The Same For Tattoos Aswell =/ Ive Always Wanted A Tattoo But Never Known The Risks.
Thanks For Your Help.
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