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Long Time Plavix User

I had a MI about 5 years ago and has a couple of DES inserted.  I've been on Plavix for over 5 years and had Thallium stress tests each year, plus a few 2D echocardiograms.  All is exceptionally good..no pains..and I exercise regularly quite vigorously.  I'm 62.

At my last examination/testing etc, my Dr said I could stop Plavix based on recent data.

Just checking...are the Plavix meds doing any good at all after 5 years?
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For sure you are in States.

European doctors only prescribe plavix for the first year after stents. This is the period with the bigger re-stenosis risk.

Normally we are just left with an small aspirin dose as anti-agregant.

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Good guess about the States...but no!  I've been in the Middle East for the last 5+ years...moved here just after the 'event'.  It was my Dr here who has kept me on Plavix...
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The UK go by data which shows there are no benefits after 12 months of taking the medication. However, concerns from the US have reached the UK where patients have been reported to form clots after stopping plavix. The thing to remember is there are two different forms of blockage in a stent. There is scar tissue (overgrowth of the artery lining), and there is thrombus (clot formed by platelets due to irregularities in the stent). Scar tissue usually forms over the first few weeks, but thrombus can still be an issue long term. The two are probably very related because most patients grow a nice smooth lining through the stent which means a thrombus will never occur. I suppose it's a shame they can't perform a scan of some kind to make sure the lining through the stent is nice and smooth and the vessel is patent. This would be a good indicator to the risk factor of stopping plavix.
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