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Lots of Weird Palpitations

I am a 38, female, 5' 5", 116 lbs, low cholesterol, BP about 110/70 or 80, a bicuspid aortic valve with regurgitation,stomach acid problem (taking losec for years, but now have to nexium). I have had palps since my early twenties.
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Palpitations are the bane of many on this board. Search back a few threads and you will quickly see that you are not the only one suffering from this problem.  Hopefully, you will also see that many have developed good coping mechanisms to deal with them.

It sounds like you've had most test that are appropriate.  The reason for the echo and stress test are to look for other problems that could be significant. In the setting of them being normal, your palpitations really have no negative prognostic significance.  

There is no reason your children, based on your palpitations, should be further evaluated unless there are features of their exam or medical history that suggest it is indicated.  Many children do have flow murmmers that they outgrow.

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Thank you for your answer, but I was wondering why a palpitation feels like an electrical shock going up to my throat and the blood flow feeling like a straw sucking up the last of the liquid?

What about signs of my valve getting worse?  How will I know?  '

In Canada you can't just go to an internist or cardiologist.  You have to be referred by your family physician and mine doesn't like to send me for anything.
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I know I am going off the subject here, but I have been unlucky in trying to post a question here lately. I am 35 years old healthy male and I take Zocor 20 mg. I have my liver enzymes checked regularly and sometimes my AST and ALT are on the higher side of normal. Just two days ago My AST was 45 (11-39 being normal) and my ALT was 50 (15-60 being normal). Do you think these numbers should concern me? They used to be more like AST-20's and ALT-30's. According to the lab that did them, the AST is 5 points higher than the upper limit of normal and the ALT is 10 points lower than the upper limit of normal. Thanks for your time and expertise Hank!

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Thanks for the comment. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year also! My problem has always been my HDL being too low with the other numbers being normal. I would love to Take Niaspan(Nicotinic Acid). However, I am worried about it causing Atrial Fibrillation or some other arrhythmia. I have already had an episode of the A-Fib two years ago and get PVC's and PAC's quite regularly. If I knew that the Niaspan wouldn't cause these side effects I would definitely take it. Do you think Niaspan is safer to take for the liver than the Statins? Thanks again!

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hey, its great to find this forum as it seems alot of people are suffering from the same problems as me. i am a 20 year old male who for the last 4 months has been noticing what i can only selfdiagnose as pvc's as i am still waiting for the heart specialist as unfortunately i am english and have to deal with the amazing NHS ?!! anyway, my resting heart rate falls to about 55 when lying down or resting, and i seem to get the pvcs more when at night (unless its just that i notice them more then), which has totally affected my sleeping pattern to about 6 hrs a night average max!!! i also get a weird numbness in my forehead after i get the pvcs, yet i dont know if that is form the anxiety i feel about them.  but this is dominating my life more than i would want it to. anyone in the same boat, id love to hear your comments.

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  I'm a 30 year old male with absolutely no medical problems whatsoever except these PAC's I started getting about 8 months ago.  I have about 2000 PAC's a day (though I think I have more now).  
  I think I know the feelings you're talking about, Helen.  My PAC's are sometimes to the point I barely notice them, and sometimes it feels like someone has a high voltage wire in my chest tagging my heart and throat.  You describe a sensation like slurping through a straw.  I think I have a similar sensation though I would describe it as that feeling you get right after a violent hiccough.  Sometimes, the PAC is strong enough to make my chest compress and force me to exhale or cough.
  Dan, my resting heartbeat is around 60, and my PACs are worse at night as well.  I think it's because with the slower heartbeat, the time it takes the heart to resynchronize after the PAC occurs feels like an eternity and that scares the dickens out of me.  I also have a strong heartbeat (always have) and it seems to magnify the palp, I wonder if it's the same with you?  Try to get it checked out as soon as you can because from what I understand, the PACs/PVCs are not dangerous but can sometimes indicate that something else is wrong with your heart.

  Best of luck/God Bless,
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cheers for the confidence knowing someone else has the same skip, i do seem to have a fairly strong beat compared to my mates. it makes sense having a longer missed beat when the heart rate is lower and that knowledge has settled me, thanks.  i am waiting to see the specialist, hopefully not more than a few weeks, but being english and having to wait for the nhs to work its magic takes a while!!! cheers skip and others
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I just got a question! Can anybody explain me the differece how a pvc feels and a pac. i know the skipping heart beat but i cant difference it.
also my cardio which is one of the top 100 docs in the nation said he thinks i may have a fib but it could be svt aswell. how does a fib feel like and how does svt feel like?
I have a flutter about once a week for 1-2sec. and i got told flutter does not mean automatically a fib or something weird.
thank you
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I had always heard and read that the hard beats were usually PVCs. Well, I've had several month  long even monitors that caught all kinds of beats ( in terms of the way they feel) and they were mostly Premature ATRIAL Contractions... just some rare PVCs.  I have all sorts of sensations -- the thump,the "missed" beat, an actual pain where it seems I can feel something "sticking" together  in my heart( of course, an impossibility), flutters, rapid hard beats, rapid fluttery and irregular beats, rapid fluttery and regular beats, a ( sometimes) sensation of momentary weakness and a feeling of rushing to my neck and head.. and MORE.

I had an ablation 9/15 and the very rapid bursts of beats are virtually gone but the rest remain.  

Yep, it is an awful feelings, especially when it goes on every (**&#^%^@  day.

good luck!

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thank you,

well they told me my heart is perfectly fine after having a catheter done in september. now i am seeing an EP and he did see a short run like one sec. of svt or vt or afib i forgott but i will see the doc on tuesday than i will ask and wirte it down I just would like to know how the diffrent arrythmia feel like, i do know the pvcs and thats it.
i also have like you chest pain, sharp, dull, pressured etc. they just increased after a misscarrige before christmas i called the docs office and they told me to relax since i had been checked out from head to toe and its probably stress. well they come and go and of course when they are here they last longer than the 2 min. but that had ever been like that.
I have does lovely palps since 16 years with all the other effects but when they increase its scary. when they stop, they stop for years and i feel fine.
Well i am only 31 and have two small children.

bye michi
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Hi Michi. I have experienced PAC's, PVC, bigeminy(2 premature beats back to back), trigeminy, and SVTs. I believe the easiest for me to pick out is a PVC because it is, as Lynn had mentioned, a hard thud. My PACs tend to feel like a mild skip not as severe as the PVCs. As far as flutter, definitely do not assume that it's a-fib, escpecially if it's only for a quick second or two. I've had plenty of those that only showed up as premature beats or maybe a couple in a row on a heart monitor. SVT in my case felt like my heart would suddenly switch from 1st gear to 4th gear without warning. It was never a slow ramp up just suddenly from one beat to the next my heart would be pounding very strongly and quickly. This could last for a few seconds, a minute, or hours. Fortunately in my case I had learned at a young age how to terminate the SVT by crouching and inhaling deeply, so I never (as an adult) had it for super long runs. I recommend for anyone who has runs of SVTs that won't terminate to try this technique or some variation of it. My doctor explaned that it changes pressure in your heart, and can also slow down the conductivity in your heart enough to tame the excited tissue.  Well, I hope that helps a little. I suppose every perceives things differently, but that's my take on it.  BTW, I learned all of this by having 2 months worth of heart monitors and taking notes on my PDA each time I felt something.
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RE: palpitations. I am a 29 year old female that has been dealing with PAC's and PVC's since March. (about 10 months)
I have been to the doctor and had a halter monitor and stress test. They don't seem too concerned, but I am! I use to jog 2 miles three to four times a week and lift weights. Now I do nothing because I'm scared. The few times I have excercised I ended up feeling very anxious with skipped heart beats. It has gotten to the point where I feel anxious most of the time it's making me feel very sad and depressed. I feel like crying quit often but I never do. I'm also feeling some built up anger about not being able to function like I use to. I use to be so outgoing and now I am just the oposite. I worry that I am going to give my self a heart attack. I have three children and I just want to be the mom I use to be. I also weight 122lbs. and I'm almost 5'9. I eat healthy portions but I just don't seem to gain weight. Any commets or advice would be much appriciated.
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Please make sure you've had a good GENERAL physical -- a basic CBC (to check for things like anemia, infections, electrolyte imbalance, all of which might give a clue as to a possible non-cardiac cause of your palpitations), thyroid test, ANA (to screen for auto-immune diseases that might play a role in your symptoms), perhaps a SED rate ( non-specific test that checks for inflammation).

If all that is fine, see if you can get an event monitor so you can document exactly what your  heart is doing when it acts up. Perhaps seeing that your palpitations are benign will make you feel better.

If all else fails, you might talk to your doctor about the possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome , general anxiety disorder or clinical depression.

I'm not saying you have any of the above or that there's anything seriously wrong with you but I DO UNDERSTAND and at least the above might give you some things to talk about with your doctor.

good luck.
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Hi Regan,
  Your sentiments seem to express mine as well.  I'm
a 30 year old male with no health problems, and started
getting the things (PACs/PVCs) last May.  I was outgoing, always
in a good mood and loved life (my wife used to get
mad at me because I walked around whistling all the
time and was never in a bad mood).  Now, like you, most
days I just want to scream.  I feel like
I'm in a prison with these things.  Mine come in waves,
and this Christmas I had one during lunch, and just got
off away from everyone by myself since I'm not much
company when these things start up.  This upsets my
family as well since at get-togethers I'm usually with them
laughing and having a good time; but now I'm in another room
all by myself and just want to be left alone.
  Interestingly, in November I took 25mg of atenolol every day
for a week and got the things to stop completely.  I'm not
on any other medication and didn't want to be dependent on
one, so I quit after they stopped.  They stayed gone for
about 2 weeks, then came back.  I started back on the
atenolol, but this time it hasn't worked.  You might give
it a try if you haven't already.  There are supposed to be
side effects to it, but I didn't have any.
  Best of luck...
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I just want y'all to know I sure do understand the emotional side. It is as if someone hits a " get depressed and anxious" button when I have palps, especially when they continue and are frequent. I'm having them every few minutes, despite an ablation last September.  I am beyond disappointed.

I would take beta blockers in a minute if they had not made me so sick. I felt so tired, on a tiny dosage, I thought I was literally going to die. I could hardly walk. And, oddly enough, I had the worst palps of my life then which was actually good because finally the docs caught them on an event monitor, the atrial tachycardia ones.

But for most people, beta blockers help and can even stop these things.. they are worth a try.
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Thanks for your suggestions and commets. It makes me feel better to know I am not alone. I have been feeling very alone. Hank- I was wondering when did your palps get to where they started affecting your life? (at what age) Also, what is hypertrophy? How likely is someone with pvc's to develop a life threatning arrhythmia? Would someone with this kind of arrhythmia have a normal BP? I feel like I can't have much emotion.(sadness, anger, excitment) It makes it all semm worse. Does this ever happen to any of you?
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Hello all.... I'm a 30 year old male in excellent physical health who doesn't smoke and gets regular excersise. Just 7 weeks ago I started experiencing a skipped beat in the evening usually laying down. It was enough to catch my attention because I could feel a thump in my chest. This went on for about three weeks usually every evening around 5-6pm and laying down. Then one morning while working out they occured and they made me lose my breath for a quick second and at that point I decided to seek medical advice. The doc ordered at my blood, unine tests and decided to do an ultra-sound of my abdomin to see there was proper blood flow around my major organs. All tests are normal and my cholesterol and thyroid is perfect. She did a EKG and it was fine too. I'm now wearing a holter moniter and luckally so because last night I experianced the longest bout of palps ever. I counted 43 palps in a 5 hour period! Now I even had a few this moring, that's new!  I'm not sure why there increasing in frequency seeing that every night for the last week before yesterday I only counted 3-4 per evening.... The only thing in my diet that changed was I consumed a lot of cheese last night and I haven't worked out in 5 days (I've been afraid to). Usually my diet consistes of small meals with low sat. fat being sure to get the proper servings of fruits and vegis every day. I take a multi-vit (mens one a day) and drink plenty of water. I show now other symptoms other than a tingleing on the right side of my chest and cold feet. I've never been dizzy or passed out (not yet anyway) so that's good!
Like most of you I'm conserned about this and all of my thoughts now focus on my heart. It has taken over my life and I'm usually depressed and when the palps happen I get a bad case of anxiety causing my heart to beat fast and hard. Its just nice to hear that Im not alone and others have the same prolems too....

thanks for letting me vent, I'll report back the findings of my holter event moniter when I get them.
take care

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I ,like you, stopped excercising because of the palps. That was over ten months ago. It definitely has made me more aware of the palps and I feel like the have increased in number from lack of excercise. I'm really afraid to get my heart rate up even after my stress test came back good. I use to run a couple miles a day three days a week and lift weights four days a week. Now I'm so depressed and very anxious. My advice to you is don't give up your excercising. Even if you have to take it easy. A little is better than none. I would do anything to excercise again. It has been so long for me I wouldn't know where to begin. I have been hearing a lot about low carb diets to help eliminate the pvc's (skipped beats). I think I am going to try this I just don't want to lose weight. I am almost 5 9' and weight about 122lbs. I think I am about 10 to 20 pounds under weight. If you or any one else wants to comment on this low carb diet I would love to hear more about it.
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Interesting discussion I have happened upon. I am a 44 year old extremely healthy female who happens to be a doctor. I began having PVC's about 6 months ago. Tons! At my worst, most of my beats were ectopic. I am also a consistent vigorous exerciser who competes in both swimming and running events. Anyway, I believe they are benign but so darned annoying, and I was totally pre-occupied. I am convinced they have a dietary origin. I did all the right stuff, cut out caffeine and alcohol, examined my areas of stress, etc. No help. I did learn that drinking a large amount of fluids make mine stop. Without boring you with chemical details, I believe I was dehydrating myself with my extremely high protein, low fat diet. I changed my diet 2 months ago, and now all I get are occais PAC's during execise, which also have been decreasing over time. I have recently added FFA supplements because I still have a fat phobia. Anyone else with dietary ideas?
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hypertrophy is enlargement of some portion of the heart
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What are ffa suppliments and how do they work?
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I actually made a typo, it's EFA supplements (essential fatty acids). Essential fatty acids are fats that our bodies can't produce so we need to eat them. They are unsaturated fats, good sources being vegetable fats like olive oil and sunflower oil. All of our cells in our body need EFAs to function normally.
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From what I understand and have researched, excercise may actually help the PAC's. If you've been cleared by a physician and the palps are benign, by all means excercise. I had the same problem I've seen all of you describing and had a 30 day event recorder. I walked miles while wearing it and even recorded a few times at a very fast heart rate (160's-170's)just for reassurance. The palps still come and go but I decided NOT to let them take over my life. I still get a little unnerved when they pop up but I feel a sense of confidence I didn't have before. That and I pray every night that they don't frighten me anymore!!!!
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I have felt that my skipped beats were caused by food or a chemical imbalance.
I get skipped beats like the rest of us, but feel as though it is food or chemical related. I cant prove this of course but if I get a dose of MSG or eat food with alot of preservatives I can count on skipped beats within 24 hrs.
If I drink beer (which has two things: alcohol, of course and preservatives) I will get many skipped beats within 4 hours.
I take antenol when needed.
Any other ideas would be appreciated trrtrix.
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