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Pain in upper left chest

Hi I am 43 year old male and or the last year or so I have been getting a bit of a chest pain in my upper left chest at breast area. I only get pain immediately after eating something (so might get it multiple times per meal) I seem to get it most often when I am eating fast or big bites (or both) It isn't extremely painful, just uncomfortable. And it goes away almost always after a quick stretch  of my arms above my head, or some sort of drink.
I am overweight (trying to work on loosing some weight... pretty hard and takes time). I do not have any odd health conditions (that I know of) and I am always too unembarrassed/scared to go into the doctors.
It used to happen only rarely, but lately it happens more and more. The common link I can find when It happens is that it happens when either I eat really quickly or very big bites.

Anyone know what this may be? Just some weird heartburn or?

Thanks in advance.

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I dont know if this will help you but I had the same problem during my twin pregnancy. It was a hiatal hernia- a loop of my stomach had been pushed up into my chest. After eating I had severe chest pain. It was actually found when they suspected I had a pulmonary embolism on a scan(This was also causing me shortness of breath). What they did was told me to eat much slower, much smaller meals spread out over the day. Also, they gave me relgan to help keep my stomach empty. Immediately (and I'm talking two days after) giving birth, I never had the problem again.

Google hiatal hernia and see what you think for yourself. Then go see a doc with your findings to investigate if this is what you are experiencing or not.

Best of luck!
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Thank you! I looked up the info on a few sites and it sounds pretty well 100% exactly what I have. I have pretty much all the symptoms (acid reflux, pain (that feels like heartburn), and sometimes regurgitation but not often)
I also have quite a few of the causes - Obese, somtimes coughing, frequent heavy lifting, and sometimes stress.

It doesn't sound to be very serious except for the discomforts, so i dont know if I will bother with a doctor right away or not. I'll just try eating slower to see if it will go away.
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