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Repeated In-stent restenosis

Suffered mild heart attack 8 months ago age 41, placed one bare metal stent in LAD 60% blockage, Dr ceased Plavix at 6 weeks 3 weeks later readmitted to Hospital and had 2 drug eluding stents as I had 95% blockage in the stent, 3 months later being September I was readmitted to hospital and had 3 more drug eluding stents as there was more In-stent restenosis 2 weeks after this last angiogram I am not feeling the best and have had a few attacks of angina, I cant get an answer as to why this is happening being told that it doesnt happen often  they want to do a bypass now  I am very scared
and confused There is no sign of heart disease and it is only the one artery that this is happening to. I would like to hear from anyone that has had or having repeated In-stent restenosis. Kim  
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you say there is no sign of heart disease but there obviously is, hence the stenting.
You don't say what your cholesterol levels are? have these been tested and have the
right drugs been prescribed to lower them. If your cholesterol is very high, it's unlikely
that the restenosis will stop. Plavix and Aspirin don't stop the formation of plaque, they
lower the risk of clots.
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My cholesterol is good and I have never had a problem with it being high  chlo 2.9 and trigs are 1.4, The Dr who did the last angio said all other arterys are fine.  I am on crestor 10mg plavix, asprin,coversyl even thou no high blood pressure and metoprolol
is it rare for the stents to restenosis
thanks Kim
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yes it is rare for restenosis, especially in people with no lipid counts.
I have had a triple bypass and fully understand you being afraid. Ask your cardiologist
about Brachytherapy. This involves placing a radioactive material at the location of
your stent and stays there for about 10 minutes. It is then removed and the effects
of the radiation on the artery tissue prevent long term cell growth, preventing scar tissue
developing in the stent and causing restenosis. Not all hospitals have this technology
but it would be worth inquiring.
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Thank you for replying to me, I will ask about Brachytherapy.  not sure if they do it in Melbourne as this is the nearest Hospital to me I live in a small country town on a farm in Victoria and the 3 times this year I have to be flown down by air ambulance.
have you had the same problem is this why you had bypass?
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I had a stent in one artery but they noticed another one was heavily diseased and fully
blocked. My bypass failed after just three months. Now I have 5 stents in that artery.
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