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Report of Cardialc CT Angiography at aiims

I am 49 years old male, wt-71 Kg, Ht- 179 cms, known case of MI. PTCA with stenting to LAD in Nov 2012. My lipid profile is almost normal. BP is normally 110/70 with heart rate 54 to 69. on very rare occasions BP shoot up to 145/87.  Taking only Clopitab 75 mg after dinner. No medication for BP and Cholesterol. as my cholesterol is 178 HDL 41 ldl 101 triglycerides- 109 LDL HDL ratio- 2.5 . LFT KFT tests are also normal. recently on 8 April 2016 I got my cardiac CT angiography done, report is given below-
LM- Normal origin and course. No significant disease.
LAD- Normal origin and course. Patent Mid LAD stent noted . Mild proximal LAD disease with eccentric calcified plaques.
Diagonals- Normal origin and course. No significant disease.
LCx - Normal origin and course. Mild distal LCX disease.
Obtuse Marginals- Normal origin and course. No significant disease.
RCA- Normal origin and course. Mild mid RCA disease.
PDA-  No significant disease.
PLV- No significant disease.
Cardiac Valves- Normal
Cardiac chambers- Thinned LV myocardium at apex with subendocardial hypodensity s/o fixed perfusion deficit.
Visualized lung fields and mediastinum - Normal.
IMPRESSION- Patent Mid LAD stent with Mild stenosis just  proximal to the stent . No significant obstructive CAD.
Is report worrisome ? Any suggestions, please advise. Thanks and regards

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What I read from the report is:
-There are no serious blockages found in your coronary arteries
-Your stent is doing its work perfectly
-There is some stenosis found proximal to your stent, but it is not a significant stenosis.

The mild stenosis, proximal to the stent, can be from before stent placement in 2012 or have formed in the last 4 years. It might be interesting to compare it to the situation that was found in 2012.
Since it is only mild, I would not very worry about it.
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Thanks for your valuable analysis. can  stenosis and calcification in arteries be reversible .
BTW thank you once again.
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Although a few people think otherwise, the normal answer is "no".
In the 1980 years there was a cardiologist (Ornish) who claimed that with a special diet, stenoses could be reversed, but afaik this is not taken very seriously by modern cardiologists.

The only thing you can do is try to avoid that the stenoses progresses by living a healthy life.

How to increase my ejection fraction, which was 43 % after a heart attack and now also it comes around 45-48 %.
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Thanks once again for your invaluable information.

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