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Safety of Angiogram catheterization combined with Angioplasty and Stints

I have a history of bleeding ulcers and Hemorrhagic Stroke, yet the cardiologist that my primary-care physician refered me to following  an incident of fainting from lower abdominal pain, has decided I need an angiogram catheterization with angioplasty and stints as possibilities.  Following a nuclear dye study, he says he "thinks he sees" something of interest on my heart that he would like to look at more closely. I have NO history of any cardiac problems prior to the fainting spell, which my gastoenterologist says was probably caused by a combination of spastic colon (which was observed during colonoscopy) and comstipation (a life-long problem) and nerve response to the pain. The big part of the problem I have is, that I have heard that the nuclear dye studies are prone to significant error in heavy men, like me.  In addition, that angiogram catheterization can often cause vascular infections; and that angioplasty and stints can frequently induce heart-attacks.  I think my revised diet at the advice of the gastroenterologist has resolved my abdominal pain problem; and that the cardiac investigations are not only irrelevant but dangerous !!!!  I am a male of mixed celtic American and Native American ancestry, almost 71 years old, 73 inches tall, weighing about 330 lbs; my father and his father both died of heart problems, a male first-cousin has just had a successful heart transplant; the only other health-related problems I have are arthritis in my right knee, an upper denture, hearing aids, and use reading glasses. Futhermore, I don't trust the cardiologist !!!
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Addendum to previous posting:  The untrustworthy Cardiologist requires ALL of his patients to take Plavix and Aspirin, both of which my Primary MD has forbidden me to take with my history of bleeding.  I am taking Diovan for marginally high BP (under the new standards only), and Flomax for old-man problems.  Sometimes I take Naprosin and Zantac for my bad knee.  The Cardio-guy loves to spout statistics that don't even make sense: like "3 million Americans had angio-caths last year" - pure B.S. I think it was Mark Twain who said something about little-white lies vs. damnable lies vs. STATISTICS; and I agree !!! Besides he's just too "slick" and "greasy", rather like a vitamin-store salesman or trial-lawyer !!!
Personally, I think I would rather have a Woman MD who is a Christian do the procedure if my Primary-care MD really thinks it is truly necessary !!  Just because I'm not one of the Chosen doesn't make me sub-human !!!
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You wrote:  Following a nuclear dye study, he says he "thinks he sees" something of interest on my heart that he would like to look at more closely.

I'm no youngster, about your age.

I have a history of clogged arteries, Angina and Heart Attacks and have had several Angioplasties to install stents that prevented heart attacks, and stents installed in largely-closed arteries after heart attacks.  I have had no infections, and know that this procedure has saved my life.  I work out daily with a group of cardiac old-timers, we agree that the procedure is a walk in the park with little danger.  I would urge you to do more research and I'll bet you will discover that the procedure is really quite safe.  If you don't have confidence in your Cardiologist, I'd get a second opinion, but you have been given a reason to be concerned.  I resisted my first cardiac diagnosis, PapaMike, but begged for help when the elephant sat on my chest a few weeks later. Just a note from someone who has been where you are.
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I think with your family history it would be fair to be concerned with cardiovascular problems.  I would seek out an experienced cardiologist, and one that you can have confidence in.

As for catheterizations, they do have risks.  I have had 5 caths in just over a 1 year period and they aren't a walk in the park, but are really not that bad.  As your condition changes, and if it worsens a cath will become more risky.  Again facility and cardiologist experience is important.

I do have concern over stents (I have a stent in my RCA) and their long term viability, however with strong medical management.

Good luck.
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