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Severe chest ,jaw and throat pain

I am having severe pain in the center of my chest followed by throat and jaw pain. Normally lasts about 15 min. Has happened approx 8 times in the last 5 days.
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Well, this is often very confusing even for Doctors. However, the way you describe it, it sounds more like gastric issues. If it was the heart, it would start when you exert yourself and hit you suddenly like a ton of bricks. You would relax and it would go away in less than 2 mins. Gastric issues tend to last anywhere from 10 mins to hours at a time and can happen at any time, even when sitting or laying down. Usually, but not always, the discomfort is relieved a substantial amount by standing and walking around. You will hopefully burp and feel better. I would recommend seeing a Doctor and being medicated to lower your acid production for a while because acid above the stomach area can cause damage to tissue.
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Do these symptoms happen when you are exerting yourself, or when you are at rest?  Any particular time of the day, or during the night?
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Hi there,

I have both cardiac and Gastric problems and agree with ED that if this happens during rest, it is Gastric/ENT related.  You could have a Hiatus Hernia and should get this checked out through your GP and get referral to Gastro Ent on GP's request.

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Unlike classic angina pectoris, which occurs *with* exertion, Prinzmetal's Angina (also called Variant Angiana) occurs almost exclusively at rest and/or between midnight and morning.  It is the result of coronary artery spasm.  The pain is severe, and in the distribution described by the OP.  
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Yes but throat/jaw discomfort is the early warning sign before chest pain, which is why I've always known to relax and let my heart slow down before vasospasm and stable angina. This is what made me feel more toward gastric because the acid obviously starts in the stomach and works its way upward. I had esophagitis last year and I couldn't tell the difference apart from the longer length of pain (15-20 mins instead of 2) and the sequence of discomfort. It started with what felt like chest pains and it was as bad as a heart attack.
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This is what I mean by 'classic' when confusion creeps in. This is the type of condition so often misdiagnosed and of course, if it turns out to be vasospasm, catching it in action is another problem. This is obviously required for an accurate diagnosis.
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