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"Dropping 4 stents in you border on criminal"

Well based on that useless piece of information, I should have refused my treatment and died. You know, when you suffer an MI and are told you could die any moment, it's always a different ball game. Cardiologists are overloaded with patients because heart disease is so common and still increasing. We can all gripe about it, but personally I think the medical professionals do a fantastic job in saving many lives. In my case, I was given a stent in my Circumflex to stop me passing away. It was the only vessel keeping the left side alive because my LAD had a 2 inch blockage 100% in the proximal section. I was told a bypass would be the best option for this and given many promises. I took the advice, which seemed to be good at the time and many cardiologists agreed. My bypass failed after 3 months, and I met many other patients who had the same problem, some after weeks, other after months and others after 1-2 years. It isn't uncommon for bypasses to fail, they don't work for everyone. I dont blame anyone, it's one of those things which are not known. I thank them for trying. My other option was to have the blockage removed using angioplasty because I would have eventually worsened and died. Luckily I survived 2 years because that's how long it took to find a cardiologist with the experience and confidence to attempt it. Imperial College London managed to remove the mass and cleaned the entire LAD in the same procedure, fitting 5 long stents. I am so pleased with them. I had some pinching for about 3 weeks and was told to drink lots of fluids which I did. I feel so much better now and the stent I had fitted to my circumflex is still fully patent with no further disease developing. Before I had my procedure, I informed my wife that she is no way to try and blame the cardiologist if I die. I was very grateful for him being a pioneer and attempting it. Credit should be given to these people who desperately try to improve and increase our lives.
There is nothing criminal about that whatsoever.

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It sounded so good they wanted to post it twice :)
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They are having lots of problems since they started some new things.
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I posted this as a response to someone on the expert forum but it came here?
is this web site screwed up?
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