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Surgery/Plavix Cessation

Had multiple stents (4) placed four (4) years ago, two in LAD with no side effects and good nuclear and stress test results over this period. Am currently taking Plavix/Aspirin/Coreg/Altace.  Need arthroscopic repair on knee but concerned over cessating of Plavix. One cardiologist recommended ending Plavix entirely, second (same practice) would rather wait for a large study about to be completed. Suggestions?

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Is your doctor keeping you on plavix?
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Sorry mate i don't know anything about larfe study but i hope someone will definitely tell you about it very soon as it is best forum for providing better solutions and information very quickly and after getting that information here it will also help me to know about it...
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I am not aware of any new studies, but it has been the general consenus of the medical community for dual therapy (aspirin and plavix) up to about a year with drug eluding stents.  A DES has some probability to cause restenosis up to about a year, after that period of time the probility decreases.  

Seven years ago I had a DES implant and was on dual therapy for a year and discontinued.  However, I have read some doctors chose to dual therapy if there has been a prior heart attack!? And there is medical literature that claims dual therapy can cause major bleeding risks.

What is the larfe study?

Thanks for sharing.  

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