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Why does my heart rate drop so low when I skip my Ashwagandha pill?

I have started taking Ashwagandha more than a month ago, I took two pills a day, each capsule contains 450 mg, it helped me a lot with my anxiety. But whenever I skip a pill, I start feeling very confused,disoriented, and I get an intense brain fog.then, it all goes away when I take the ashwagandha capsule again.
At first, I didn't know why. But then I used my blood pressure monitor to see if I have low blood pressure, my blood pressure was good, but my heart was very slow, I measured it 3 times just to make sure, and it was still slow, it was 48. This is way below normal for me.
This happens every time I skip the pill, I'm too scared, I'm afraid that if I stopped taking Ashwagandha, my heart would just stop. Please help, thank you.
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Your heart won't just stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGsYpBNMjdQ

Perhaps you should stop Ashwagandha and let your body recover.  Why would you be taking it? These "herbal" medications or often just poison IMO.
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In any case I'd talk to your doctor and not the internet.
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