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fish oil,flaxseed,coconut oil and parsley tea safe?

just looking for alternative treatments and trying new things in diet to replace old eating habits.Any information would be helpful/I have had open heart surgery and a mitral valve replacement,stents, 2heart attacks, and coronary artery disease. im on warfarin, lipitor and plavix. im looking for other things to  do to improve my heart health, like going to gym, eliminating salt intake and dietry changes and im just concerned with safety and drug interactions.will taking fish oil, flaxseed, and making parsley herbal tea be safe or should they be avoided?. i also have been using coconut oil in my coffee with agave and in my smoothies ive read so many differant articles stating all  the benefits of using coconut oil,fish oil, flaxseed, parssley tea. can i benefit from them?
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