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heart murmur

hi michelle here i was born with a heart murmur that never grew out but can still hear it when i breathe and hold my breath they say its a pulmunary heart murmur i seem to feel tired very quickly plus they say i have to live with this for life. i also feel the cold too in the colder seasons how long do people live this condiion for i know its not life threaning  do they live for a long time with something like this
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Yes you will have a long life... :) I had/have it, my kids had/have. ..They can't even feel...I cant, never did.
........I am 57 have it since a little kid....planning to stay much longer on Earth:)
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hi michelle here thanks for that
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I've had a pulmonary murmur my whole life as well.. the last 29 years then!   Every Dr. seemed to have a different opinion on what it was... but was documented through childhood and is the same murmur today (no quieter)    The echo I had showed high flow through my pulmonary valve... guess I'll have it forever!   Never caused any problems; cardio didn't think it would ever get worse, its very common.   Though I cant hear mine when I hold my breath or in a quiet room.. have you been evaluated by a doctor?
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hi michelle here yeah i did get evalioated by a dr he could hear it when i hold my breathe and breathe out a bit louder the gps can only pick it up with a stepescope they couldnt find it through a ecg
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