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pain in arm

while running & while climbing staircase i had breath swelling and left arm pain starts & goes to back of the left hand shoulder. otherwise no chest pain. normal walking no pain in arm & shoulder. i am 60 years old. plz advise me is it angina...

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Considering you are 60, your risks for heart disease are reasonably high.

I would schedule an appointment with your Doc immediately. If it gets severe suddenly, call an ambulance.

Good luck.
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i agree with silverkey.
dont risk anything. you are at an age where you are most prone to these types of conditions so dont risk it-book and appointment with your doctor.
dont procractinate either, i know from experirience that with an issue like the heart, you must act on anything you feel is not the normal.ie. any pain in the arm, chest, neck, should be treated immediately.

Book an appointment, but try not to stress. its just better that you know whether it is your heart or not. that way if it is you can narrow down on any behavoiural disorders like drinking and eating unhealthily, and listen to your doctors prescribed treatments.

if your heart is functioning correctly you can stop worrying and relax.

remember always be good to your body though. drink and eat healthily.

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