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typical medications?

is it typical for doctor to prescribe 75 mg plavix and 325 mg aspirin? and then to add 800 mg ibuprofen 3/day for pain management?
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The opinions keep changing regarding plavix.  It has a different mechanism for anti-platelet formation that aspirin doesn't have as it pertains to restenosis with drug eluding stents. Then the regimen of choice is dual therapy of aspirin and plavix for about a year and then aspirin alone.  

Do you have a specific condition that requires all the blood thinning medication?  I take a baby coated aspirin, and bleed for several hours after a dental procedure,  It is not typical for that much anti-platelet...high risk for internal bleeding; hit head you could bleed to death rather having a minor injury.  Internal bleeding of the digestive system is also a risk.

I would question the effacacy of so much anti-platelet medication.
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Is 325mg of Aspirin usual in the states? and are they still only giving Plavix for 12 months?
It gets a bit confusing when there are different regulations, because we don't know really which is correct :)

In the UK, Aspirin / Plavix is normally 75mg each daily. Plavix is given minimum 2-3 years now and in many cases has been decided it's best for life, depending on the patient. I have no idea what the circumstances are that decide 'life' but I have a couple of friends who have been told they will never be off the drug. I've been told I will be reviewed in 2 years. Maybe it's a cardiologist decision rather than a country guideline?
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I really don't know what the new iinterest in plavix if any,  I read sometime ago, it is recommended for a life time for heart patients.  Then plavix with aspirin for dual therapy of DES for a year,  Then more than a year for DES implants.  I believe one can find any information they may want to hear about plavix as a medication.

Aspirin from what I read recently is 81 mg, that is what I take.  Personally, I wouldn't take a heavy dose of anti-platelets.
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