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Do you have Low Blood Pressure? Can Low Blood Pressure Be a Problem? Yes

Most people are aware that having high blood pressure poses health threats and we must work to keep the numbers from rising above the normal 120/80.  Diet, exercise and lifestyle choices greatly impact this. But what about low blood pressure?  Can our blood pressure be too low?  The answer is yes, it can.

  Many people have low blood pressure and have no idea because they have no symptoms.  When this is the case, it is nothing to worry about.  But when blood pressure is so low that symptoms to develop, it is time to see a doctor.  Dizziness and lightheadedness are a couple of the first signs and as it progresses, nausea, confusion and blurry vision may happen.  Organs can become involved leading to shortness of breath, fainting, blacking out, chest pain, and cool, clammy skin.  There are many causes of low blood pressure from dehydration to allergic reaction to recent heart attack.


If you suspect you have low blood pressure, being evaluated by your physician is important.
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