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? Dangerous arythmia

Hi I am 33 yo female. I weigh 39kg and am 157 cm. I am quite fit and exercise daily. I have recently been restricting my diet to attempt to reach about 38kg. This morning when I got up I was aware of strange sensations in my chest. When I checked my pulse I had about 2 normal heart beats on expiration and about 5 rapid weaker feeling heart beats on inspiration. This continued for about an hour. I went back to bed and eventually it settled down again. I am really worried now and scared to do anything! If this happens again what should I do? Is it likely to be a sign of anything dangerous? Is it something that my gp should know about even if it is not happening all of the time?
Thanks for your help.
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First a small exercise for those who are more familiar with American weights and measures.  157 cm ~ 62' = 5' 2", and 39kg ~ 86 pounds.  Why you'd want to reduce your weight escapes me, maybe I made a mistake in my calculation on weight.  I used 2.2 pounds per kg.  

Anyway, I would discuss with a medical doctor.  That said, I do not fully understand the symptom you described.  How did you determine "weaker"?  Are you using you fingers on a pressure point, or listening using a stethoscope?   Did this repeat with each breath?

If you have no other symptoms I will guess you are not in an emergency condition but it would be best to check with your doctor.
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Based on the numbers, I agree with Jerry.

If these *ARE* your numbers AND you are trying to reduce another kg: that process is going to KILL YOU - DEAD.
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Yes the numbers are correct! I just want to drop a couple of pounds nothing drastic! What I was wondering though was if it was likely to be an electrolyte imbalance?
I took my pulse at my wrist and the pulses just felt less strong than normal.
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Anything that involves the heart can be dangerous get checked...Let the Cardiologist
decide..............sounds like a-flutter...........
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If you are 5' 2" and weigh 86 pounds, you are already 10- 15 pounds below your ideal weight.  

Severe caloric restriction and other practices used to maintain extreme thinness can indeed damage the heart muscle.

If you are experiencing irregular heartbeats, you should see a doctor about your symptoms.

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