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So i have had PVC's for going on 14 years, 37 Y/O Male, Normal weight I had a holter monitor done in 08' and it showed 6600 PVC's in 2...
I’ve had PVCs all of my life, but it was nothing that bothered me. I’d get 1 or 2 a day and some days none at all. That all changed last ...
Hi, has anyone experienced less PVCs after being treated for H.pylori?? I've had pvc's for a year and have recently tested positive fo...
Has anyone had a headache and then a few hours later have an svt attack and tremors happen during the attack
They give it to me to lower my hypertension, anxiety, but as I read that it's not good for people with heart disease antecedent, I don't ...
Can high pulse rate cause a stroke or heart attack. My pulse rate is running between 106-128. When this happens I feel extremly irratat...
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