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Wondering if anyone else gets this? I noticed when my posture isn't right and I slouch over that I get sometimes palpitations. "Lying...
I'm a female in my early 40s, normal BMI, don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I am fairly healthy, but do have POTS, diagnosed with a tilt ta...
I am 58 years old and initially had problems with periods of irregular heartbeat from about about 40 years ago to now - prescribed var...
Greetings. My cardiologist prescribed me 400 mg magnesium oxide to help with my heart palpitations (occasional skipped beats). Not long...
I am 61, and am using an HRV app. My average SDNN is around 46, which is good. But my MxDMn (which represents the Parasymathetic System a...
I am a male 37 year old with IBS. 2 months a go I had this episode of fast heart rate that then lead to shortness of breath and I felt I ...
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