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These skips are driving me crazy, I am at my wits end.

These last two weeks have been horrendous, it seems like the skips are getting worse.   I can go for days or weeks without any PAC's or PVC's (the occasional one here or there).  Then all of a sudden, they are back again.  And the worst part is I can tell when they are about to it.  Something just doesn't feel right and sure enough, they come.  I can't put my finger on it.  According to the Cardiologist I saw once, GP, and ER, I'm fine and they are considered benign. I wore a seven day patch a month ago, and all was "normal" but then I didn't have some of the skips that scare me.   I can feel each and every one.  I don't drink caffeine and I have done nothing different to cause them to return, but when they do, they always feel worse than the time before.  So what is going on???  The funny thing is in "good times" (PAC, PVC free period) I can  do all the things that are supposed to trigger them, and yet I get none.  Yet in bad times I avoid all known causes to  PAC's PVC's and I will get them anyway.  For the record I take daily vitamins including Mg (250mg), Omega 3, and Black seed oil. I try  to drink  water every day, but must admit not as much as I should as they also can cause the skips to act up. I am not on meds.  My routine is the same throughout the year and yet some weeks and  months I'm fine, other times I'm plagued with these horrid skips.  I just want to know what the heck is going on/causing them and also to know one thing....is this REALLY "normal," or I should say benign?????? I am at my wits end and scared out of my mind.
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Have you tried Bystolic? It worked for me. It has been over a year without any events.
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No, I refuse to take any beta-blockers. My blood pressure  is normal to low, plus, my heart rate is in the 60's to 70's, even during some of the skips.
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I forgot to add: I am 66, Female. blood pressure 110/75, heart rate average 69. Have high lipids but working on lowering them, refuse Statins as there is no proof that they help women, all tests have been done on men. Try to exercise daily, but now, with painful Plantar Fascitis, it is difficult. Have fibromyalgia and other pain issues.
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