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Abalation and blot clots

How long after abalation are blot clots a risk.  I recently (3 days ago) had a cardiac abalation and have been put on Warfarin for at least 30 days to prevent clots.   Thirty days seems like a long time for post surgery clotting risks; my lifestyle is extremly changed by Warifarin due to the bleeding risk so I would like to end it sonner if acceptable.  

Does the risk last 30 days if I am having no significant A Fib issues (none to date)?  
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I don't understand your post, you say:  "I recently (3 days ago)..."  then you say:  "Thirty days seems like a long time for post surgery..."  what am I overlooking?  Did you mean 30 pre-surgery?  

I'd say calm down, if you doctor thinks it is safe to take you off of warfarin he'll tell you so, of course it is safe too to ask your doctor, perhaps you're willing to take some additional stroke risk to get off of warfarin.

I don't know how warfarin is affecting your life style.  I have been on warfarin for years and had no concerns about running and bike riding, and using power wood working tools.  All of these activities puts one at an increased risk of a cut and bleeding, but I simply take the risk.  On the other hand, I don't sky dive, or pick fights ....
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What he's saying is that he had an ablation 3 days ago, and upon release has been put on a 30 prescription of Warfarin, and think that's a long time to be on it.

When I had mine, I was given one injection of Heparin immediately after the procedure.  However, mine was for a completely different kind of arrhythmia.  I think the EP said he administers that when working in the left atria.
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Doesn't matter what kind of ablation is done, it is standard practice here to be on 6 weeks of aspirin or warfarin after an ablation. I was on warfarin from a post surgery blood clot so didn't need the aspirin but just continued with my warfarin treatment as usual.
Am now off warfarin and have to say the anxiety is killing me...lol my safety blanket has been taken away ....Blaaaaaaaahhhhh
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Interesting. I've had 3 ablations and never had to take anything afterwards.
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Thanks for the input it looks like I accept the 4 weeks.  No hockey or ice climbing until Feburaruy; boo hoo.
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Me too.  I was cut loose with only my Metoprolol.

Just take it easy until you're off that stuff!
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