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Acupuncture for Atrial fib

I recently came across a study from 2011 that indicated acupuncture was nearly as effective as amiodarone for lone a fib.  It was a small study but the results were impressive.  I am to the point it's either anti arrhythmic drugs or ablation and neither of them are a direction I really want to go in.  Just curious if anyone  has tried this?
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Sounds like it is worth a try but then do you have access to an experienced acupuncturist that has worked with AF patients?   LAF ablation is like other specialised procedures.  You need to find a center and an EP that does a high volume of them.  AARs can have bad side effects and amiodarone is the riskiest and they tend to lose effectiveness over time.  You can get helpful comments at the LAF forum.
link to paper http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20807278
That is the study that I read.  I have an appointment with a MD who is also an acupuncturist.  I am going to ask her if she has ever treated a afib.  I asked my doctor if he knew a good acupuncturist and that is who he suggested.  I have used acupuncture several times for other things and respond very well to it..but my acupuncturist died so I have to find someone else.
The EP who I have been referred to does a high volume of ablations but I'm not sure how many he does for Afib.  I go Friday and that is on my list of questions.  But I don't really want to go that direction unless I have to.  And the anti-arrhythmic drugs scar the crap out of me.  About a month ago I got a stomach virus and got very sick, vomiting and such.  As soon as I threw up Afib started.  I ended up in the hospital, extremely ill.  I am allergic to cardizem, which in the past has stopped the afib.  They tried lopressor, which didn't work and ended up giving me IV amiodarone for about 12 hours.  When I felt well enough to realize what they were giving me I freaked.  But the afib converted, they immediately took me off and I hope there was no harm.  I know the half life of that drug is crazy, like weeks and months depending on your metabolism.  Sorry..got long winded here.
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Amiodarone is pretty bad side effects wise but it is ok when done as a temporary measure for conversion at a hospital setting where they can watch you.  You are right to be concerned about its use.  Multaq has a short half life but it is a derivative of amiodarone so has the same toxicity issues especially if taken daily.   Best of luck tomorrow with your EP visit.  HRS guideline for AF ablation competency is 100 procedures per year.  Top specialists will do about double that.
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