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Atenolol and Magnesium Supplement

I had a heart attack approx 2 years ago, I was on Metroplol for a while but my hands and feet were getting extremely cold so my internal medicine Dr changed to Losartan this Feb. Month or so ago i noticed skip bets while exercising. As time progressed my PVC's were occurring more frequently almost with any movement, it did scare the heck out of me, Went to ER and revisited my heart DR and he put me back on Atenolol approx. two weeks ago. I currently have the monitor on for a month. I did read a few comments how these pvc’s could be harmless by few posters, thanks for sharing your experiences.
1. How long does it take to get use to Atenolol? I am taking 25mg daily and have a brain fog for 4-5 hrs after I take the pill, I can’ think straight during this time anything I can do to cut the side effect?
2. I also saw a few posts where Magnesium helped with PVC’s, Is anyone taking Atenolol and Magnesium Taurate together? Are there any side effects for taking both together?
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I don't have any advice for you on the Atenolol because I have never needed it but will suggest that you watch your caffeine and carbohydrates.  Address any stomach issues and make sure you have a slow warm up and cool down when you exercise.  Maybe try and not push quite as hard for a while and build back up and see if that helps.  
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Thanks Michelle, I don't drink caffeine, only Green Tea may be one cup a day I don't believe their is much Caffeine in Green tea and follow Vegan diet from Dr. Esselstyn.This diet is more strict than Vegan no oils, no meat , no dairy products.
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Healthy diets can be high in gas producing foods so just check on that and see if it makes a difference.  Do you feel the need to burp a lot?  If so you could have a lot of gas even if you don't necessarily feel bloated or indigestion.  When you say no oils do you mean no olive oil or fish oil?  I guess you wouldn't eat fish but olive oil is actually pretty good for the heart.  I would try to not rule that kind of oil out of your diet completely.  Also you are still getting caffeine from the green tea.  Here is a break down of the amounts based on the drink.

White Tea 30-55 mg
Green Tea 35-70 mg
Oolong Tea  50-75 mg
Black Tea 60-90 mg
Coffee  150-200 mg

Your green tea is pretty low but I usually find that if I have a small amount of caffeine it will usually cause issues pretty close to when I had it but not last the whole day.  Well over all it sounds like you are doing a great job living a heart healthy lifestyle but considering you did have a heart attack just be mindful of your pvcs and see a doctor if they get worse as you age.  Take care.
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Oh I see you mention in your first post you are wearing a monitor now.  That should give the doctor a good idea if there is anything concerning going on considering your previous health history.  Do keep us posted on your results and what the doctor says.
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