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Birth Control and PVCs?! Possible cure?!

I've been having bad PVCs the past couple days and I've been trying to figure out the source of the problem. They became really bad around December and have been with me off and on for about since. A few things changed back in December ... I developed pretty bad anxiety (that's under control now but I still have PVCs ) and I stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, and ... I stopped my birth control . I stopped because I was scared it would give me high BP even though it never had.( anxiety steamed from heart health)

I had been taking birth control since age 13 and I had NEVER noticed and PVCs ever except one or two times and I only felt like maybe 20 within the whole 7 years on the pill. I used to get them when I was a little girl. But very rarely. Started around the time of puberty. I'm wondering if... By any chance the pills were regulating my hormones? I'm wondering if that's the cure for me? I'm worried about starting again in fear of them getting worse though.... Any one have any opinions ?
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