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Brady - Tachy - Too Many Prescriptions Made it Worse

I was having random tachy in middle of night, maybe once every 3 months usually with high stress and after a couple of glass of wine trying to calm stress probably made my sleep apnea worse.
They had me wear Holter Monitor for one month both Summer of 2021 & 2022 and NOTHING.
So they recommended Implanted Loop Monitor which I did.
Then the EP prescribed 12.5 meteroprolol and after a trip to Europe with hurt right ankle left knee, I took the 7 Day Steroid Pack.  Caused a Tachy epsisode.
So then he up's the meteroprolol to 25 mg's twice a day so quadrupled it.  Hundreds of low heart rate notifications vs none before.
Then added Eliquis. 5 mg twice a day to SAVE me from a stroke.
Then added Flecanaise after another episode when I fainted / passed out after 2nd dose of Colonoscopy Prep.
Low Heart Rate Notifications still and dozens almost a hundred of them over the week before Christmas.  So I quit taking it.
NOW EP wants me to have a Pacemaker for what was barely once every 3 months anxiety Tachy.
I feel like it is just overkill at this point and his prescriptions quadrupling the Metoprolol and the Flacanaide made me worse as I'm much better now and only still taking the Eliquis. I think he just pushes the Heart Loop Monitor and presented the Pacemaker as lets make an appointment with very little information.  
I feel like I need a 2nd opinion or maybe even a 3rd.
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