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ECG handheld monitor?

does anybody here have an ECG handheld monitor? do you find it helpful? and what type you have?
i need information about it. if someone knows. please do share and discuss it.
i own an Omron hcg 801 ecg monitor. i bought it years ago. but i wonder about the effectiveness and also i read there are other type that seems better and ones with cables, more info, etc.
any inputs would be appreciated.
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I don't know much about the monitors except that I have heard that the one lead ones like the handhelds that don't have wires only read one part of the heart as opposed to something like a 12 wire lead that will read all areas of the heart.  That said, it can detect the more dangerous issues but it does have a lot of limitations.  So what is it you are trying to capture?  I know you mentioned in a previous posting you had a high heart rate when sick.  This may be fairly understandable if you were a bit dehydrated as well the body is working hard to heal which can raise the heart rate.  Drinking lots of water should help.  Drinking lots of water in general will help the heart to function better so it is good to make a habit of it.  Also if you tend towards low blood pressure, which can cause lightheadedness and near blackouts on standing, adding a bit of sodium to your diet can help.  As well if you have any stomach issues address those as they can contribute to the heart acting up.  Other than that the biggest thing I have learned from my heart issues, I had an svt corrected and still get ectopic beats.  But the biggest thing I have learned is if the heart is structurally healthy the heart can handle a lot of the issues it may be dealing with.  The main thing to keep an eye out for are things that reduce your ability to function like severe shortness of breath, crushing chest pain, or passing out.  The other stuff, if our heart is healthy,  it may be best to try and not put too much focus on the issue as it will likely magnify the issue further than it needs to be making us fret needlessly.  Anyways, it is important to be prudent about our health so never hesitate to consult with your doctor about any concerns you have.  Take care.
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Hello, my symptoms not only tachycardia there are extopic beats, palpitation also breathing. so far i couldnt help but rely on the handheld monitor a lot because i couldnt get to hospital when i was sick and the holter 24 hours monitor that ive worn never catch my condition at worse time.
about the ecg handheld monitor i read that the ones with cable have 3 leads. and theres one which can record continously.
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There are ones that will record for longer periods but not for 24 hours.  They are fairly limited I believe but would record longer than the short reading for the one you have.  I would do a little research on the ones you find online and chose one you think would work best.  Best of luck.
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12 lead ECG monitors certainly tell you more than 3 lead monitors, but why would buy one?  You wore a Holter and it showed nothing.  If you wear an ECG monitor for any length of time, you will come up with a few goofy beats and everyone has them... then what?
I'd suggest to put your mind at ease to have an Echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test.  If they come back normal, enjoy your youth!
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Hi. I've mention why i bought the ECG handheld. It's because i couldn't record it with 12 lead ECG when i got the worse 'attack'. And i've never mentioned the holter shows nothing.
My intention was just it got detected when i got the 'worse' attack. So it could get evaluate more. I've never gone to nuclear stress test but from what i know electrical issue can't get detected by Echocardiogram.
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