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ECG report - QSR(T) contour abnormality - anteroseptal myocardial damage

Ten days back, when I visited Doctor's clinic for a different reason, incidentally my BP came (digital machine) 161/93. Though I didn't experience for that. Doctor told me to keep an watch but didn't start any medicine. However, after realizing this high blood pressure, I got anxiety started at back of my mind. My BP usually stays in the limit of 140/80 to 130/70. Even 3 months back I did all extensive tests by my insurance company (ECG, Treadmill test). They did not share the test report with me but I assume all were OK as they gave me the full covered insurance. Now problem is, due to this recent & sudden finding of high BP I became very anxious & a the same time I occasionally felt little heavy pressure in chest (may be muscle pain as well due to my sleeping posture, not sure). During this chest pressure, I had to take deep breath. For next 2/4 days, the BP stayed (manual measurement) around 140-150/85-90 range. Doctor checked thoroughly my chest & back with his stetho & apparently didn't find any major problem ( I assume so), because he told, it seems these problems are only from anxiety, however go for a normal 12 leads ECG (Electrocardiography). For next 2 days the BP was measured as 140/80. on 3rd day, I got a very annoying news in my office which created much of tension & anxiety, I could feel that. SO I measured the BP immediately in office, it came as 160/80. After 90 mins I went to Hospital emergency just for double check & they measured as 140/80. They said, its all happening due to anxiety.
During all these days, I have been continuing my rigorous brisk walk for 40 mins daily & never faced any problem.
Next 2 days, the BP remained as 130-140/70/80 range. I went for an ECG. The overall report says "Normal sinus rhythm, within normal limits.". But on the plot it is mentioned as "ECG report QSR(T) contour abnormality cannot rule out anteroseptal myocardial damage". That made me worried. My Doctor is out of station now, so I am unable to consult with him. I saw some similar posts here and understood, this represents previous heart attack, but at times, the computerized ECG report gives interprets wrong positive. I am again getting tensed. But need to wait till 5-6 days more till my Doctor comes back. Could any of you assess the severity & truthfulness of the report ? In that case I can consult with a different Doctor without wasting time to go for any more confirming test like stress test or Echocardiogram or anything else.
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