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If you have had experienced either an adverse event or a positive result as a consequence of an electrophysiological procedure, what was the procedure, what did your physician learn that he had not known prior to the procedure, did you undergo ablation in your first EP procedure and what was your negative or positive experience?
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I experienced epiosodes of rapid heart rate (tachycardia) my whole life but they were very seldom until my 40s when they decided to ramp up to occuring at least once or more a month so I was offered the option to ablate.  I went in for the ep study and they were able to induce my arrhythmia almost immediately and ablated soon after.  My procedure lasted all of 2 hours from being wheeled into the EP lab to being rolled out.  It turns out I had avnrt that was successfully ablated as I have not had an episode since the ablation in Sept of last year.  I do still have daily pvcs and pacs.  Those were not investigated or treated during my study and ablation.  But my experience overall was probably as positive as it gets.
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I was cured of 54 years of SVT.  Ablation was done at the time of the study.  I'd do it again without hesitation. It was a very positive experience for me.
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