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"Funny" Holter results

Despite the large number of PVCs/PACs that I had during the last 20 years, this is my first Holter ever. I've had stress tests, 2 x echo, lots of EKGs but never a Holter. So I would expect that this thing catches lots of ectopics..

But incredibly, I had a very busy but also very "calm" day when I used the monitor, even if the day before and the day after were bad in terms of ectopics. I even tried to exercise a little more, but didn't feel anything very weird that day.

So these are the results: (I did my best to translate to English):

- Only sinus rhythm during all the record,
- Max HR 166bpm, min HR 53bpm (during sleep), average 81bpm
- Minimum HR during the day 60bpm
- Tachycardia in 14% of the record, no significant bradycardia
- 3 isolated supra-ventricular premature complexes
- 5 isolated ventricular premature complexes, monomorphic
- No pauses bigger than 2 seconds (R-R max 1,3 sec)
- No changes in AV conduction or intraventricular conduction
- No changes in ventricular repolarization
- Normal QT interval

Conclusion: Supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles, rare

So basically they found nothing, right? I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. If I used the Holter one day later, these numbers would be a lot different including a "run" of 10+ PVCs in 1-2 minutes  


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Yes, even if you have 7-8 a minute, they are not runs. They are simply lots of PVCs or PACs.

Even 3-400 in a day is not a lot. Of course, I also hate it when that happens, but up to a few thousands a day is considered normal.

Yes, we all have PACs and PVCs so we'll just have to live with them. Now you know what it is and that it's not dangerous. If you are very bothered by them, beta blockers may help.
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Thanks for your opinion. I think you're right. The only thing that scares me is the fact that I am having a few "runs" of PVCs that I didn't have before, always when the HR goes up a little, but not much.  Sometimes I can have 7-8 in a minute, but they disappear after 5 minutes or so... I'm not sure if it's my anxiety kicking in just when I feel the first of them... but probably it is!  By the way, in a "bad" day I can have 300, maybe 400 PVCs, but never felt 2 or 3 in a row.

I just wish they caught an episode like that, but I think it's better to forget all this stuff and just keep living with the damn PVCs

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Well, you knew you had PACs and PVCs, and the Holter monitor said you did. Unless you have other arrhythmias, like actual runs of tachycardia or symptomatic bradycardia which aren't diagnosed, the test is just fine. If you had recorded 10 more PVCs or PACs, well, then you would simply have 10 more. It would still be rare PACs and PVCs.

In my honest opinion, the only reason for having a Holter monitor if you know you have PACs or PVCs and a healthy heart is if you are having thousands a day and want to quantify them, to consider if treatment is necessary. If you have 10 or 50 during a day doesn't matter.
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