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Heart palpitations making me miserable.

My heart has been skipping beats on and off for over a week now, and today it started thumping possibly over 200 bpm for about 3 seconds? then slowed back down, felt like bombs going off in my chest but wasnt painful. This was this morning and it's now the evening and my chest/arm feels numb.

blood/ECG's/X-rays = normal. but beats wasn't happening at the time of the ECG.
I have to wait months to see a cardiologist and get put on a 24 hour heart monitor. I really don't feel like I can wait that long, It's keeping me up at night, I have no appetite, and I constantly think i'm going to just drop dead.

I did think it was anxiety to begin with, but today my mind wasnt on it at all when my bp increased suddenly. so I don't know whats wrong with me.

Btw I think i get this more at rest. It will come in waves and vary in the amount of palps, and the time between beats. it's not a nice feeling. it's like sudden suction on my chest when my heart thumps again, It's hard to explain.

Anyone give me some reassurance or knowledge? I'm 20, male, and from the UK btw.
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I'm from the UK too so I understand about having to wait for an appointment to see the cardiologist. Just be reassured that if you GP thought something was seriously wrong you would have been seen sooner.

The only advice I can give you is that if you get this rapid heartbeat for a long period, say for over 10 minutes, go to your nearest A & E and they'll put you on an ECG machine which will give a very clear indication of what's going on.
Good luck with everything and i hope you're feeling better
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Thanks for the replies, information is appreciated. :)
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i inbox u hope this helps
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I will shoot you an answer, we all get lost sometimes my friend ;)

This happens to me also, when your heart goes above 200 beats per minute it can be caused by SVT (supraventricular tachycardia). You definitely need to get into your cardiologist sooner then a few months. You need to be your own advocate here, sounds like it is really affecting your daily life.

When you go into SVT, try some vagal manuevers. This would be deep breathing, drinking a really cold glass of ice water really fast, splashing some cold water on your face, or bearing down like you have to go number 2. What works best for me when my SVT rears its ugly head is chugging cold water and laying flat for about 20 minutes.

I have been diagnosed, which is why I am comfortable waiting it out. But there are other problems you could have, you could have atrial fibrillation, or A-fib with rapid ventricular response, or a number of other abnormal heart conditions. I recommend that if you have this phenomenon where you go into a rapid beat, you seek medical attention immediately. By this I mean if it lasts 5 minutes or more.

Many people have PVCs, which it sounds like you do. Your symptoms of having a skipped beat or thump could be a PVC (premature ventricular contraction). Many times these are benign, however I think you really need to stress to your primary care physician that these are becoming more bothersome for you.

Good luck, take care of yourself and be your own best advocate, demand that your concerns not be dismissed.
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WHY is this in the pregnancy section? Ignore this pregnant ladies. I'll repost elsewhere.
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