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Holter results

Hi, i cant understand the results here. Does it look bad? Its a 5 day holter by the way. Im 50 years old, male, excellent condition, dont smoke or drink, slim... but have mild HOCM that is controlled by beta blocker. Does this result scream danger? The cardio thinks i need to go on blood thinners but I disagree. Thank you in advance.

Underlying sinus rhythm.
The minimum heart rate was 45 bpm; the maximum 117 bpm; the average 59 bpm.
There were a total of 84 PVCs with 4 morphologies. There was 1 recorded Ventricular triplet (140
There were a total of 105 PSVCs of which 4 supraventricular episodes (noted irregular RR intervals).
Fastest SVT: 142 bpm.
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