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Juat Had Tight Heart Pain??

I was sitting on my bed earlier, just had woke up sick. I woke up by coughing so much, and my voice was off a little and my nose was stuffy. Didn’t think anything of it. Lately I’ve been having shortness or breath like I have to force myself to breathe every once in a while? I’m 18 116 pound female.  I went and laid in bed just relaxing, no stress or anxiousness..and all of a sudden I got somewhat of a cramp feeling in my heart area, right under my left boob. Usually when I have chest pains or cramps I can stretch out, put my hands above my head and it would stop...I tried that this time and as soon as I did I got tons of stabbing pains, taking my breath away, In the middle of trying to fight to breathe I got the words “Mom” out as loud as I could. She said what and I couldn’t say anything else to tell her to come here for at least 5 seconds, when she got in there I was crying so hard trying to breathe and she asked if she needed to call an ambulance. I remembered how much my last ambulance bill years ago affected us so I just said no... and that it would probably go away. She kept telling me breathe in through your nose, out your mouth and that’s what got it stopped. It felt like a wave, it started up and got worse and worse and worse, the escalated back down until finally it was gone. idk what to do right now.  I just need some answers and I’ve heard this site wasn’t too bad... so please help me lol
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