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Magnesium for PVCs. Has anyone found this to be helpful?

I'm pretty lucky in that my PVC's are less than 1% of my total heartbeats, however, they till have the tendency to induce high anxiety from time to time. I've heard a lot of things about Magnesium helping reduce the frequency of PVC's so I've thought about trying it. I've also heard that they can make them worse in that if you have enough Magnesium and you take more than you need, you're going to produce a negative effect. So my question is this: Have any of you found Magnesium to make your PVCs worse? I had my levels tested about 9 months ago and nothing came back low so I'm curious if I should leave well enough alone.

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Have you seen a cardiologist about it? I
PVCs are very common so if they dont bother you much then you should be fine. If youre magnesium and pottssium are within normal levels i doubt its gonna help, but its worth a try. Just not too much becuase if it goes over the level your body needs it can also be dangerous
Yes I have seen a cardiologist. I was thinking the same thing, probably won't change much if my levels aren't low to begin with.
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