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I could really use your help.  I am trying to compile a list of common heart medications for one of the Health Pages. So many times someone asks for suggestions, about side effects, etc.  It would be great to have a place closeby where we could provide a hyperlink to more information on medications common for heart patients.  Will you please help me by letting me know what medication(s) you are currently taking, or what medication(s) you would like to know more about?  For example, I am taking lisinopril for BP control and Inderal for PVCs.  I would like to know more about cholesterol medications like lipitor, crestor and vytorin.

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I am on Atenolol...and a healthy dose...50 mg in the morning..and 50 mg at night. I have read posts here where people really have trouble with it, but I just love it. It keeps my heartrate down---and (most...well...some..) of the time it helps with the palpitations. I had some dizziness when I first started taking it, but thats it. Not one other side effect.
I was also on Lipitor a year ago...It really worked, and I had zero side effects from that.
Hope this helps!
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I take Sotalol for afib and tach-no real side effects. It does work well-it is a beta blocker/anti-arrthyhmic. I used to take Coreg for heart failure-no side effects until they upped my dose, then hypotensive and dizzy alot.I was on digoxin to slow my rate, which it did too well.I used to take Profafenone for arrthymhias-no side effects for me. I take red yeast rice and fish oil for cholesterol (both with my cardiologists blessing). I take monopril at night for my cardiomyopathy-been on it for 12 years-no side effects. Thanks for doing this!
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I take metoprolol for PVC's and SVT.  The major side effects I've experienced are TIREDNESS and, because I already have low BP and vasovagal syndrome, it has made me more prone to passing out then I have been for years.  The metoprolol knocks you on your butt when you first start taking it.  It also caused me to have really weird dreams when I did sleep.  My heart rate went from an average of 65 bpm to 55 bpm with 12.5mg/day.

I take prozac for the anxiety that was caused by PVC's and SVT.  It causes me to have very vivid dreams and when taken along with metoprolol the dreams are so vivid that sometimes it makes you wonder if you actually experienced something or if it was a dream that you are remembering.

I take omeprozole for reflux due to a hiatal hernia and it can cause dizziness, but doesn't for me.

That's about it...don't know if you care about any of those but there it is.

Have a good day
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I am on the Metropolol 12.5 2x's per day as the 25mg was dropping my bp down way low! I am also taking potassium. I don't know the info on it... it says on the pill Klor-Con 10.

Question for you though... your ablation was for all those pvc you had right? Why do you still take the Metropolol? Do you still get the PVCs?
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Sorry about that, I should have been more clear.  I only take the Inderal when I'm under stress and I think the PVCs might kick in from the stress.  I don't even know the last time I took it, mayb 6-12 monhts ago when I was on a airplane, or maybe the night before we moved, not sure.  I rarely use it, but I have it (kind of like insurance).  When I was having lots of PVCs, I took flecainide, then rhythmol and with each of those I supplemented with Inderal for breakthroughs.  Since the ablations, 4 1/2 years ago, I've proably only taken it 10-15 times.

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Thanks for all the contributions....Keep 'em coming.  Even if someone wants to just list any heart meds they know of, I'll be sure they are included in the links.
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Thanks for doing this, Connie!  I take 80 mg of Sotalol, twice daily for atrial fib and SVT.  My EP warned that it would do nothing to curb the PVCs- and he's right.  My PVC's are not usually too debilitating if I can resist getting "mental" about them!  I'm taking 10 mg of Prozac, once daily to control my panic disorder along with Klonipin (Clonipin?) 0.25 mg as needed (insurance, as you say!).  I've been pleased to experience no bothersome wide effects with the Sotalol except that I was "dog tired" for the first month, I guess.  I still get tired more easily than I used to before taking it.  OOPs- forgot to add that I take 250 mg of magnesium and an 81 mg aspirin daily,too, as instructed by my EP. Take care,

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I take 150mg twice a day of flecainide for svt.  still have symptoms but they are a lot milder and dont last as long.  Have been told I am not allowed to have any higher dosage.
Don't have any side effects - hope it stays that way as I know they can cause other heart arrythmias in the bottom chambers.
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These are all great medications to add to the list of common heart medications!  Thanks so much.  As you think of any more (even if you're not taking them), please pass them along.  I'll bet we'll end up with a great resource!!  Bring 'em on : )

Please help me keep the list going.  Thanks everyone!
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I am currently on the following medications:

1) Atenolol 25mg 2x/day for PVC's and tachycardia. However, I still have high BP.
2) Xanax 1mg 2x/day in addition to .5mg as needed for anxiety.
3) Lexapro 5mg 1x/day for anxiety and depression. However, the depression remains.
4) Prevacid 30mg 1x/day for acid reflux and gastritis.

The Atenolol works wonders on my PVC's and tachycardia, but it makes me so tired.
The Xanax doesn't really help anymore because I've built up a tolerance.
The Lexapro has helped to reduce my PVC's and palpitations, but I think it's giving me high blood pressure.
The Prevacid has helped significantly with my acid reflux, but I don't know about the gastritis.
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I take 25 mg Atenolol for tachycardia.  Side effects have been stated.  However, does anyone take CoQ10?  I have heard that this may be recommended for folks who take beta-blockers and statins.  It is a supplement.  I have read on other spots where a person should not start on CoQ10 without talking to doc about.  From what I understand, these medications can block the body manufacturing CoQ10.  Thank you.
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I am not familiar with how to take CoQ10, but I know there are other people who can help.

Can anyone tell me some of the medications used for treating high cholesterol?    Any that you can think of would be great.  I know so many people taking medication, and it seems they're all on different meds.  Can you guys help me out?  Thanks!!

Also, if you guys can think of other heart medications, can you please add them to the thread?  Thank you so much!  The list is coming along great!!  It will be so nice to have click-of-the-finger access to info on cardio meds.  Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine today.  Rains have finally stopped for now, maybe more tomorow.  First the drought and now the faucet keeps running...lol
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