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Metoprolol, Xanax for PVC's and Severe Anxiety

Hello everyone.  I am back with what I hope is simple question.  A couple of weeks ago my doctor put me on  Metoprolol for my PVC'S, elevated blood pressure because of fast heart rate.  He also renewed my prescription for Xanax because I have severe anxiety.  Has anyone taken these medications together and had any adverse reaction?  I don't like to take pills at all but I am at the point I have to take something for this anxiety because I am barely functioning!  I have health anxiety and the PVC's don't help.  When I take the Metoprolol it does slow my heart rate so I am afraid if I take the Xanax it's going to slow it even more (heart rate is between 63-75 with med).  Please answer as soon as you are able-THANKS.
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Hey, I've got the same problem. Anxiety is terrible and been getting pvc's daily, is metoprolol a beta blocker? I took them for a couple of month but my pvc's didn't stop. My heart rate came down but I was worried that it came down to much. I started to feel about funky from them.. what you should try it's loads of fruit and vegetables. Bananas are good for a lot of things and one of them is a healthy heart. Also heard magnesium is a good option if you don't have kidney disease. You can buy it over the counter.
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I have the exact same thing  the combination  together is fine  I do it all the time   it's the only thing to calm me down and bring my heart rate under 100 bpm
My anxiety is health related as well  so I feel your pain
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