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PVC Questions.....

Im 47 and my pvc recently have been accurring more regularly and its worrisome, I have anxiety so I cant do anything with constant thinking about it and I feel everyone.... anybody taken anything natural that helps? or any over the counter meds..
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I’m 31 been having PVCs for almost 5 years and I have try everything magnesium,CQ10,and many different kinds of supplements I basically bought the whole vitamin store but nothing really helped me. Magnesium helped a little but not much. What kind of helped me is eating healthy, losing weight and relax. I’m always under stress because of my job so my heart will be skipping a lot. And when I’m relax and have no stress I can only feel maybe 1or2 skips a day. Sometimes they are very annoying. I also get a lot in cold weather. Went to the cardiologist 2 days ago and gave me 25mg of metoprolol it relaxes me a little but can feel those PVCs 8hrs later. Have you tried anything?
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Well, magnesium supplements seemed to work for me, at least for awhile. But maybe the PCPs just went away on their own, or the supplements had a placebo effect. There was no science involved in the experiment to say it was definitely the supplements that solved the problem.
In any case, why not give them a go? They might work for you too.
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