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PVC's and excercise - recovery period

Does anyone know about PVCs and excercise/recovery?  I have had PVC's for a year now.  They happen everyday, some worse, some better.  I recently began to notice that my PVC's have reduced during the day but when I jog, I tend to feel more of the them...especially as I and in the recovery period for 20-30 minutes after jogging.  I had a stress test about two months ago that recorded PVC's during and after.  My cardiologist wasnot concerned.  I had an echo which was normal.  My Holter showed PVCs so there are not "only" brought on by excercise...they are just a little more prounounced.  I have heard that PVC's that occur in the recovery period are not good.

My question is that when they refer to PVC's in the recovery period, are they referring to subjects that do not have PVC's throughout the day any way (especially when lying in bed)?  OTherwise I do ok coping with PVCs.  I tell myself they aren't dangerous and I do believe that but they are uncomfortable so they lead to anxiety.  I also have an history of anxiety and panic.  The PVC's started during a period of pretty high stress.  Otherwise my family history is pretty good - all grandparents that their siblings living into their 80's and 90's.
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I can try to answer, but I'm a bit on "thin ice" here.

The issue about PVCs and exercise, is that PVCs during exercise is not dangerous itself, but it tends to be a predictor that something may be wrong, as if the PVCs can be caused by structural anormalities in the heart.

However, you've done an echocardiography that was normal. This is a strong sign of no structural damage to your heart after all.

PACs and PVCs can occur during exercise if your adrenaline levels raise too quick (something they usually do if you're a bit anxious). PVCs and PACs can occur during recovery if your adrenaline levels maintain high some time after exercise (this is also fairly common if you are anxious).

PVCs during exercise is, as I've said, a sign of possible heart disease, but if this is ruled out on echo and your cardiologist (who must be considered the "oracle" here) is not concerned, neither should you. It's also of importance how the PVCs look on ECG. If they are monomorphic (fire from one focus) you likely only have a little irritable spot in your heart that is triggered by high adrenaline levels.
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This is something I'm still trying to understand and haven't gotten many answers from my dr's other than I have a really funky heart and it does weird things [well yeah I knew that and didn't charge $550 to be told lol]

I'm watching for some answers you may get so I can understand more.  From what I remember, it depends on where in recovery and what portion of the HB they are in, but I may be mistaken.

I had a stress test last year - during the 4:55 test, which included 1 min warm up and 1 min cool down I had -
Sinus rhythm with slow R wave progression in the precordial leads
Frequent pvc's; 2 PVC couplets and 1 PVC triplet -
the QRS segment of PVC's narrowed substantially with exercise, widening again in recovery (180 ms to 80 ms)
I was told it had something to do with my QRS segment of pvc's - I got dizzy, cp, sob and passed out in the cool down phase

as for pvc's being dangerous - they can be - depends on where they orginate, the frequency and what the cause is, and if you have any other heart factors "structurally"; my echo showed quite a few things going on with my heart -

"My question is that when they refer to PVC's in the recovery period, are they referring to subjects that do not have PVC's throughout the day any way (especially when lying in bed)? " maybe ask your doctor about this? do you not trust that your doctor is correct saying your pvc's are benign? have you gotten a copy of your test results? it may be helpful to set your mind at ease; also an anti anxiety med may help for anxiety or stress issues

for me, I had pvc's non stop 24/7, that lasted continually for over a year...I walked & ran 5-7 times a week, did all of our yard work and had pvc's non stop no matter what I did, even sleeping/resting
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