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Possible Side Effect of Calcium Channel Blockers

I have been on Cardizem for the past three months for SVT.  Except for the occasional bad day, they have kept my SVT controlled.  I have more energy than when I was on beta blockers, which I could not tolerate.  

Recently I have noticed that I get really sore whenever I run - way more and much sooner than normal.  Someone told me that Cardizem blocks calcium which helps in muscle recovery from working out.  I can't find this side effect mentioned anywhere.

Have any of you experienced this or are aware that this is a side effect of the drug?
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This site lists muscle cramps and osteo-articular pain as possible side effects.
I would call my doctor or pharmacist just to be sure.


Wish I could help more. Get feeling better.
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I just stopped a calcium channel blocker (Norvasc).  May be coinincidental and my Doc says no relation but I had muscle fatigue with random muscle twitchig that started to worry me.  I quit about a week ago when my pacs and pvcs started non-stop (and still going).  The twitching has subsided and my legs feel better (however I am pre-occupied with the palps).  But I wonder if the Calcium Blocker could have been doing the muscle soreness and twitching.  Found your post interesting since I was told it wouldn't.  The listed side effect exists but is a very low pecentage.
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Thank you Celeste77 and tsco.  Also interesting is I spoke to one of my running friends last night.  He was put on calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure and noticed that he too got sore rather quickly during a run.  Maybe this hasn't been studied a lot because not many athletic folks require this medication.

It was a naturopath who told me about this side effect of the drug.

My PVC's have returned a few times while taking Cardizem and when they return, they are really bad.  They will last a couple of days, go away and then I'll feel not too bad for a month or so.  I am being referred for ablation which I hope will offer me a cure.
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