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Question about increase in metoprolol succinate & how low is too low?

In an attempt to avoid an ablation for SVTs & going to the Emergency Department lately once a month to get converted with IV medication, (I'm older with co-morbidities, there's a pandemic, & really, my ElectroPhysiologist doesn't have a lot of experience doing ablations), my EP & I are trying different medications. I'm increasing metoprolol succinate (the extended release one) from 25 mg to 37.5 mg.

I tend to have bradycardia now and then, & am thinking the metoprolol succinate might lower my heart rate even more. Currently, taking 25 mg daily of this med, my heart rate is in the high 50s or low-to-mid 60 beats per minute, nice and steady.  I also take Flecainide to control "kittens playing" in my chest.

My EP said the increase in metoprolol succinate might lower my heart rate -- but how low is too low? He said it depends on how I feel, but if my rate is tachycardia and over 115 beats per minute, get to the Emergency Department--where they usually say it's SVTs.  I don't drink or smoke or even drink coffee or tea or soda. I was diagnosed a couple years ago and frankly, I'm scared and *praying!!!* medication will control everything for years and years.  Thanks for any input... please send warm fuzzies my way!
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Yes, Metoprolol is a beta blocker and used to lower blood pressure and heart rate.  I take 50 mg extended release to slow down tachycardia due to Afib.  So my GUESS, is yes beta blocker is lowering HR.  Too Low?  I'd think, again guess, anything under 50, unless just waking up from a restful  sleep, is too low.  But I am not trying to argue with your medical advice, I am myself "just" a patient, a long time sufferer from Afib.  This has been going on for 20 years or more and while it was under control for a few years I am now in permanent Afib.  Fyi, I underwent open heart surgery in 2007, and still hear, God bless my surgeon.  That was specific to valve leakage, mitral.  Optimism, besides being at advanced senior age, I am still getting around so heart problems can be lived with.  Hope your doctor can give you more professional advice and ease of the mind.
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I had the ablation surgery I don’t go into svt… but I still take low dose metoprolol to control heart rate when above 100
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