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Sotalol to Atenolol

Taking Sotalol for AFIB and it is not effective. How does one change from 120mg BID of Sotalol to Atenolol @ 50mg BID? Is there a need to taper the Sotalol?
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Follow your doc recommendations.  but, I imagine you don't have to because you are only switching from one beta-blocker to another.  So, you are essentially not lifting the beta-blockade.
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Beta-blocker therapy should not be withdrawn abruptly (particularly in patients with CAD), but gradually tapered to avoid acute tachycardia, hypertension, and/or ischemia.

My cardiologist did a "wash-out" of Sotolol before initiating another medication. It generally takes 2-5 days to clear this drug from your system.
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Your question leads me to wonder if you got your prescription from a medical doctor.  It seems that person would tell you how to transition.

I hope you are not getting meds off the "web" and self-testing.

I haven't looked up, but isn't sotalol and atenolol anti-arrhythmia drugs,or are they indeed just another beta blocker - like metoprolol (maybe the ending "lol" is the key to the answer - I'm still learning the extensive drug names).  
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The "lol" is in fact the beta blockers.  I do know sotalol is a beta blocker but nearly in a class by itself.  Because of it being sotatolol, I would want specific detailed info from an md and likely a pharmacist too.  But.. changing from propranolol to metoprolol and later to carvedilol did not take much of a transition.  I didn't have to wean slowly because the beta blockage was still in effect and so not running away with  the rhythms...  at least no more than was already happening anyhow.
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