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Too many side effects from beta blockers

I used to take lisinipril...low dose of 5mg mainly to help my kidneys as I am diabetic.  Over one year went up to lisinipril 40 mg and it stopped working.  I was put on propranolol and then metoprolol with the following awful side effects: dry mouth, shortness of breath.  They did lower my pressure though.  Along with these, I took HCTZ 12.5 mg which also have me those same sided effects.  Doctor took me off ALL BP meds and my nose bled uncontrollably and I wound up in the hospital and was given clonidine as my pressure reached 100/97.  Now I'm on 100 mg of losartan, no HCTZ, only a cough but....my pressure is not controlled and goes up as the day progresses.  Any suggestions for something that works without these awful side effects?
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This is such a difficult problem.  I know, because I also went through years and years of trials of many, many anti-hypertensive meds.  Many of them had no effect, and many others made me feel sick or faint.  Frankly, I would rather have died!  So I declined prescriptions for a number of years.

However, just last year, my PCP suggested I try a newer one, Bystolic, at a low dose of 5 mg, and to my amazement, it is quite effective, but has almost no side effects for me (well, maybe just a hint of asthma), and I actually feel well on it!

It's a bit pricey but my insurance helps a lot.

You might ask about it.  Of course, your mileage may vary, etc., but I am what is considered a 'difficult patient,' and I'm doing better than OK with it.
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