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Twinges in heart

Hello  have had an ablation for atrial flutter and just before the procedure I had an episode where I was driving and my heart instantly started to race at over 140 beats per min.  I had actually blacked out for a couple of seconds. I told my cardio of the incident just as I was being prepped for the ablation and he  said it was most likely SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) He decided to do both the atrial flutter and the SVT procedure that morning. But did indicate that he did not have the proper utensils to perform the SVT but would make it work. This was in 2019. To this day... I don't have the same type of rapid heart beats.... but take .5g of bisoprolol when needed.  I have noticed lately that  get a twinge in the left side where my heart is.   It started randomly but now happens more often.  I have a silly question.  Is there any medication one can take to clean arteries near the heart? I am worried that now something else is going on.  I have had bad luck throughout my life,  I had breast cancer in both breasts n 2009 and then n 2019.. they had to remove the breast implants and I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocyte leukemia.  I really dont need another health problem on top of all this and am worried that  the twinges may be related to a clogged artery? am very scared. Any advice iis greatly appreciated.  Thank you again so much. God Bless. I am a 61 yr old female
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