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Will taking L Carnitine and CoQ10 help?

I’ve been on atenolol for 5 years along with clonazepam. I used to take 100MG of atnoool but got switched 10 days ago to Propranalol ER 60MG. I take 1mg of clonazepam daily going on 5 years now. I had the flu shot this year and I haven’t had a flu shot since I can remember. Ever since getting that flu shot out of nowhere I started having PVCS 6-7 per minute. Freaked out I’ve been to the Emergency Room and all heart tests are normal. Always all my heart tests have been normal,electrolytes normal,blood work normal. I can swear the skipped heart beats are being caused the vaccines because this sudden onset was 2 days after the flu vaccine. I read online after I had already taken the vaccine and the ingredients on it made me want to cry. For instance it has Formaldehyde. Like really?Thats toxic all the way I don’t care how minimum they put in there. At this point I don’t know what has triggered it but since the vaccine has viruses,antibiotics,formaldehyde and a myriad of things I don’t know what to do or think anymore. Any insight would help please.
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I know my PVCs get worse when I am fighting an infection which might be the case with your immune system and this vaccine.

Also, is you have the MTHFR gene  mutations you might not be able to clear metals and toxins as well as normal people.
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