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artaud...and anyone ?

hi there, i was just reading your reply to the young girl and you seem very knowledgeable about pvc's and the heart
my ep can't answer this yet, as i need another echo(of course snow storm today and had to cancel my appt,lol)
anyway i had mild tricuspid regur, when ep was doing my ablation he actually say lots of regur, more like moderate and i keep asking did the pvc's cause the valve not to close and thus the regur or other way around???opinions?
can't wait to see echo if it resolved
ok thanks,
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I wish I had the answer. I would not suspect that PVCs can cause damage to the heart valves, but when researching your post I came across something that another forum member had posted in the past. It was about Cannon A Waves, apparently a PVC that occurs when the Tricuspid Valve is closed, apparently producing quite a jolt for the person experiencing it, and causing a very strong pulse or pressure in the neck as well. I remember researching it at the time as well. Even the article I saw today did not mention the Cannon A Wave as being able to damage the Tricuspid Valve, and the event sounds like it is more stressful on the system than a regular PVC.

Perhaps Celeste77 can comment when she is on the forum again.

Deep regards to you and may you have a Happy Holiday Season.
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Well you certainly know your stuff Artaud.  I have PVC's and suffer temendously mentally with them.  I know people say that they are normal but when you get them every day I really can't see that is normal.  I stress and stress about these things.  I feel them really hard in the left hand side of my neck as well.  I guess I don't get a lot of them as I read others do on this forum but I get between 3 - 20 a day and they hit so hard that I can't imagine other people have these and don't feel them.  My heart actually feels like it totally stops and gurgles and then does a huge bang.  

How do you know so much about these things?
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i guess i was hoping that the pvc's were soo consistant , that the valve really didn't have a chance to close properly, well i guess i will find out next tues at the echo?
thanks again
hey did you have an ablation?
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1. Personal Experience.
2. Endless visits to the Doctor. My wife used to work for my Family Doctor, she said that they had to split my records a long time ago due to its size ;-) She now works for my Cardiologist. When she went to work for the Cardiologist, I was seeing another Cardiologist at the time. Being that the one she now works for is closer, having someone in office can be a help for access. Don't imagine that I am buddies with the Doctor though, after calling the office (no special access there, I left a message with the answering service) one Sunday to express my concern about some couplets that I awoke with, he phoned me back and admonished me with the usual "I have patients with serious problems to take care of". Sheesh. Nice guy. Actually I think he is a very competent Doctor, just a little short on the temper. PS, he did phone my wife back in about 5 minutes with another plan for addressing my problems, it must have made him feel guilty.
3. The Internet and originally the Library (remember those, they have books with paper and text, how I miss them, they are still there, but the internet is easier to access). The Internet has excellent sources, some require free registration.
4. Pharmacy Technician School, no, not a Pharmacist, but the grunts that fill the prescriptions, I completed 5 months of a 6 month course. Drugs are fascinating, we are so lucky to be living in a time that has so many. You can over do it though. Dying from oral medication to clear-up toe nail fungus isn't worth it. I'd rather have a loving wife with ugly toe nails any day. (just as an example, other medications also may be unwarranted).
6. Opticianry School, 21 months, with certificate. Interesting learning about the eyes and glasses.

Why so many visits to the Doctors? PVCs since I was about 15 years old for one. 19 years of seizures that they never knew were seizures. They thought it was psychological. Nice! 19 years of them before they worsened, and then after a few tests to confirm them, I am prescribed Dilantin and all those funny (peculiar) problems for all those years go away in two days. That was so screwed up. Loss of vision in one eye, while arguing with my wife. The vision came back in about 5 minutes but I haven't had a good argument since ;-) and last, but not least, several episodes a year where my eyes cross for a few minutes, with one episode producing double vision, dizziness, and almost caused me to faint. They believe that these are caused by Basilar Migraines.

I can empathize will all of those that have stress related symptoms. They can be a bugger. The Basilar Migraine and Loss of Vision in one eye are attributed to vascular constriction, likely caused by stress. (refer to the arguing with my wife part). Same with the PVCs. The Seizures are likely the only thing not caused by stress, but they can be made worse by it.

My wife and I have taken to driving around an area locally where the Amish live. Wow, I don’t know about their personal problems, but not reading the newspaper or watching the evening news with endless stories of tragedies must be great. Even if I don’t watch it at home, everyone talks about it at work. And the increasingly perverse television shows we subject ourselves to, and the endless pursuit of material goods, modern mankind has gone awry, and is subjecting themselves to tensions that are almost inconceivable. Its no wonder that many of us have PVCs and arrhythmias and the host of other afflictions thought to be benign but are so frightening.

Best of health to you and yours. I hope I was not too long winded.
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"refer to the arguing with my wife part"   I laughed out loud at that one.  Not an "lol" but a real, honest to goodness vocalized laugh.  

I enjoyed that post.  It's always nice to hear from others who are perfectly "fine" but suffer a number of unexplained maladies.  I have that problem...if you'll remember I "went blind" excpet for peripheral vision in the grocery store...optical migraine.  Thought it was a stroke.  Also suffer vasovagal episodes off and on and then the dumb PVC's started up.  I love your humor.  

Bet you don't yell quite as loudly when you and your wife argue now do you?  Bet when all was said and done, and you were deemed healthy, she said "serves you right."  :-)

Have a great day!!  And thanks for the chuckle.
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Wow, your post was not long at all but right on time.  I think we stress ourselves out so much by just what you said, "material goods, perverse television shows" etc.  I just nodded to myself when I read your post.  I have been suffering with PVC's since May of this year and have been mentally battling ever since.  I have received really good adivce from lots of people on this board and am so grateful.  I was refusing to believe the PVC's were benign even though I had all of the test.  I am on beta blockers for them because they were bothering me so badly and my doctor could sense that I was a worry wart anyway.
I have been feeling pretty okay for the last couple of weeks, but they are still there, just not as bad.  I really wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy; but since I was "chosen" to go thru this I try my best to trust in God and keep living my life.  But one thing that I still don't understand is how there are so many different opinions on PVC's.  I mean I know they are supposed to be benign, but if they are why do doctors prescribe meds for them and keep you on them?  Is it just to ease the stress so you don't fuel them?  My doctor won't take me off my bb just yet- and I am on a low dose 25 mg-since I still experience them and more frequently during my cycle he wants to keep me on.  I really don't like taking meds, it makes me more anxious!  Ugh, sometimes I feel like I am losing it :-)
I had two pieces of chocolate today (it was Godiva!!!) and I felt SOOOOOO guilty and afraid of what it would do to me :-)   I haven't had a caffeinated drink or choc. since May.  Oh well folks, I am definately certifiably a nut :-)  Hope everyone has a good evening!!!!
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