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cardioversion vs cardiac ablation

I have atrial fibrillation and have already had one cardioversion. It didn't hold, so they told me I could either do it again or go for the cardiac ablation, which is more costly and I have no insurance. I'd like to do whatever is going to work,and I need input. If I do cardiac ablation, will I also need a pace maker? I'll make payments on either one that I decide. I just need to make an informed decision.
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I had a PVI ablation in January for my a-fib. Everything went well and I do not have a pacemaker. I was told by my EP that if I needed an AV node ablation then I would need a pacemaker, thankfully that did not need to happen.
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I have had a total of 4 electro-cardioversions (ecv), to which I assume you refer to as cardioversion.  That is I was sedated and given the electric shot chest to back in a hospital heart lab/room.  The 4 suggests that the cost can add up.  My first one lasted about 4 months while taking Toprol XL.  The second was backed up with a stronger drug, Propafenone and lasted about 18 months, the same for the third.  Following that loss of sinus rhythm my cardiologist said my leaky valve (mitral valve, a known condition) had caused my artium to stretch beyond a safe range, at 5.11 cm diameter, and said no more ecv, in fact he recommended surgery to repair the mitral valve, that was done last November.  So, my 4th ecv followed on August 29, and while I await a reading by m EP (I went with a specialist this time) the nurse said my EKG today looks to be back in Afib, so it the conversion lasted only a couple of weeks this time.  Ablation may be an option , we haven't yet discussed.  I also note my heart beat is to my ear a fast (100 bpm) sinus rhythum, but the EKG tells the true story.  It was the high heart rate that caused me to get an EKG at only two weeks, following ecv my rest heart rate was in the low 60s.

I note too that a neighbor of mine reported today that he has a new technology pace maker that addresses a number of heart problems, including AFib, it has a defibrillator function.  I think that's what Vice President Cheny has.
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Hi, I had a drug given to me a couple of times to reset my heart when it was stuck at 215bpm.  After this happened a couple of times I had a cardiac ablation.  My EP told me if it didn't work, they could put a pacemaker in while I was still under.  My Mom has one, so I wasn't to scared about it.  I have a spinal chord stimulator in thorasic spine and metal plates and cadeaver bones in my cervical spine already so, pretty soon I could be more metal than tissue. LOL  Anyway, the ablation went very well.  The EP said it was a text book case.  I don't know much more than that about it.  I also have MVP, so am used to the flip flopping and racing, but didn't like passing out!  The only complication I had was they had to go in through my femoral artery and my neck, because they (for some reason) couldn't get into my femoral veins and didn't want to go through both arteries.  No probs there except I had to lay still on my back for 8 hours after and spend the night and all day the next day.  Hey also, I asked to be put out (which they usually won't do) but because I have anxiety issues and am claustrophobic the did.  I am so glad I wasn't awake!  Haven't had anymore racing except for MVP (which stops after I lay down).  Good luck!
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I heartily (pun intended) recommend ablation.  It is very expensive and that certainly is a negative.  Is there a possibility you could find a job with a group insurance that would accept your preexisting condition?
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